What is C#: pros and cons of the language

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft in the early 2000s. Initially, it was planned to create programs for Windows, but it eventually became universal.

This PL is similar to Java, and there is an opinion that Microsoft created C # because they could not get the rights to Java. Thus, it is well suited for beginner programmers or those looking for their first language.

What is C#

What is C#? Many people ask this question. To begin with, it should be mentioned that the C Sharp language received such a name for a reason. The fact is that the “#” sign (read as “sharp” within the framework of musical notation) denotes an increase in pitch by half a tone. In addition, the name of this language refers to the history of its development: C → C++ → C++++(C#) (the “#” symbol can be divided into 4 “+” signs).

C# was created in 1993-2001. The development was carried out by a group of engineers from Microsoft led by Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Wilthaumot. The purpose of C# is to create applications for the Microsoft platform.

In the 2000s, the company developed various versions of new technologies and solutions for messaging and data exchange. In addition, they were used to create web applications. In addition, Microsoft formed a platform that allowed the development of new solutions – .NET. It included several programming languages. This approach was very unusual.

The .NET platform had another significant advantage – the technology of dynamic server pages ASP.NET (Active Server Page). It allowed you to create web applications that worked with databases quickly. C# was explicitly released for ASP.NET (it was also written in this language).

It has similarities with Java, as both of these languages ​​are object-oriented.

Like Java, C# was originally used in web development. About 75% of the syntax features of C Sharp are no different from this language. Among other things, this language adopted 10% from C ++ and 5% from Visual Basic. Only 10% of the language represents the ideas of the developers.

Using an object-oriented approach, programmers write large-scale yet flexible applications in C# that can be extended as needed.

Useful C# functions:

  • encapsulation;
  • inheritance;
  • polymorphism;
  • operator overloading;
  • static typing.

Developers are constantly improving the language. Each new version has useful additions (lambdas, dynamic binding, asynchronous methods, etc.).

C# is a relatively young language. However, it has already become widespread. The first version of the language was released with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET release in February 2002. The latest version is C# 8.0. It was released in September 2019 with the release of .NET Core 3.

Scope of C#

The C# programming language is considered one of the most versatile. It is used in a wide variety of fields. For example, to create advanced business applications, video games, functional web applications, Windows, macOS, and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Video games

This language has become widespread among video game developers. C# creates games for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This is explained by the fact that this language is best suited for working with Unity (an engine for creating games). This is the reason why developers so often use a combination of Unity and C#.

System protection software

Developers use C# to create programs that protect operating systems and applications. These utilities allow you to block thousands of viruses that try to penetrate users’ computers every day. The same goes for large companies that use C#-based software to protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Applications for Windows

The Windows OS is almost entirely written in C#. A huge number of popular utilities and applications have been created using this language: Skype messenger, Internet Explorer browser, Visual Studio 2012 development environment, Microsoft Office (all its components, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.), company products Adobe (Photoshop, Lightroom), Mozilla Firefox and Winamp browser.

Mobile applications

Many experts call C# the best language for developing mobile applications. With it, you can write native program codes for any operating system (iOS, Android). To make applications work on iPhone and Android smartphones, developers use the Xamarin IDE.

Major projects include Slack, Pinterest, Tableau, The World Bank, etc. The so-called tile programs in Windows 8 are mostly written in C# and XAML.

What is C#: pros and cons of the language

Pros and cons of C#

Main advantages of C#:

  • Independence from hardware functionality. The program must not be adapted to multiple platforms and operating systems. The .NET Framework virtual machine does this task itself. A programmer can use the same code on various devices: smartphones, computers, servers, ATMs, smart watches, etc.
  • Support. As we already mentioned, this language was created by Microsoft. That is why C# best works with the Windows ecosystem.
  • Memory management. If you want the program to work as stable as possible, you must clean it from various garbage. The C# programming language performs this task automatically. Thus, the developer does not need to control memory consumption, fix memory leaks, or remove “dead” pieces of code.
  • Strong typing. If you declare a variable in C#, you must first specify what is in it – a string, a number, or an array. Development with this method takes a little longer. However, the written code becomes more predictable as numbers interact with numbers, strings with strings, etc. Yes, loosely typed languages ​​provide more freedom of action, but the chances of making mistakes when writing or reviewing code will also be higher.
  • Large community. Millions of programmers use C#. You can find numerous chats and communities of “sharpists” on social networks. There are answers to all important questions about working with the language. Moreover, you can find a mentor who will train you.
  • Syntactic Sugar. Using C#, you can shorten your code without harming the logic of the program. To do this, you need to apply one of several methods that are commonly called “syntactic sugar.” These techniques allow you to make the code easier and more understandable. For clarity, look at adding numbers with and without “sugar.” However, these methods should be used only for a while. Otherwise, the so-called syntactic diabetes may develop, in which the code will be too encrypted.

Now let’s look at the main disadvantages of C#:

  • Low speed. When you open a C# program, the code is first adapted to specific hardware and only then executed. Thus, the download speed becomes significantly lower. When first launched, C#-based interfaces can even slow down.
  • Security. Experts believe that code written in C# is very easy to decompile (translate from machine language into human language). Therefore, the program can be easily read by a hacker to write malicious software or by a competitor to copy fragments and study the program’s flaws.
  • Weak interaction with iron. C# is a high-level language, so it is rarely used for development that involves full interaction with hardware (game engines, operating systems, aviation software, etc.). The above Unity is written in the low-level language C++.

Is it worth learning C#

C# is considered a young programming language. You can safely choose it if you are a beginner. However, it is also suitable for experienced professionals. In particular, this applies to those who have already worked as representatives of the SI family.

Why learn C#? Consider the main reasons:

  • C# is a multiplatform language;
  • This language is developing very rapidly;
  • if you master C#, you can easily find a job;
  • Codifications that the developer creates are easy to read (this increases the likelihood of successful and fast content updates);
  • This language is quite easy to learn.

To work with C#, experts recommend using the following tools:

  • WPF is a system that allows you to develop interfaces for any screen. With this tool, you can reduce the size of the final codification responsible for interfaces.
  • Xamarin is a framework for creating multiplatform programs based on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.
  • NET is a web application development platform that quickly links code to client-server utilities.
  • Entity Framework is used when working with databases to apply them as objects.
  • LINQ is a mini query language built into C#. You can easily filter, select, group, and sort different data types with it.
  • Visual Studio is a classic development environment.

You can make good progress in programming if you learn how to work with these tools.

This language is constantly being improved. It becomes more and more functional. Thanks to this, developers create high-quality software that can be used on any platform.

Knowing C#, you can make good money. It all depends on the project’s specific goals, the company’s size, and the programmer’s skills.

Now you know what C# is. This language is considered one of the most popular in the world. Previously, it was used only for developing programs based on Windows. However, after some time, C# began to work with MacOS, Linux, IoS, and Android. Now this PL has a huge scope. C# can be called the base language for programmers from any field.

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