Valamis partners with Inari to improve the eLearning landscape


Joensuu, Finland, August 31, 2023 Valamisa renowned name in the field of digital learning technologies and workforce development, is pleased to announce its new collaboration with Inari, a notable provider of eLearning solutions in Mexico that caters to businesses, industrial groups and organizations.

Inari, deeply committed to talent development in Mexico, chose to collaborate with Valamis to further enrich the learning experiences offered to organizations. The partnership aims to provide businesses in Mexico and Latin America as a whole with refined learning solutions underpinned by globally recognized technology.

“Inari reaffirms its commitment to the future of talent development in Mexico and has accordingly established this partnership to foster the growth of organizations in an innovative and collaborative way. The goal of the efforts is to provide businesses in Mexico and Latin America with high-quality services. learning experiences and data, using world-class and globally recognized technology,” says Dr. Irving Terrón of Inari Creative Learning.

Jussi Hurskainen, CEO of Valamis, commented on the partnership:

Our collaboration with Inari represents a thoughtful step toward deepening our ties in Latin America and among Spanish-speaking communities. We believe this alliance will strengthen our presence in the region, enabling both companies to offer enhanced eLearning solutions to our customers.

The collaboration is poised to offer new perspectives and opportunities in the field of online learning in Latin America. Valamis’ combined expertise and Inari’s local knowledge promise to benefit a wide range of businesses and learners across the region.

About Inari

Inari Creative Learning provides organizational learning services to global businesses. With over 7 years of experience across 12 countries, Inari has delivered over 3.4 million hours of training, impacting the development of skills and competencies of leaders and employees. Their solutions are inspired by the experience of learning ecosystems, social learning, reskilling and upskilling, which transform corporate learning through an agile, creative, innovative and personalized process adapted to the needs, context and experience of their customers.


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