ttcInnovations introduces subscription-based learning services


Carlsbad, California, September 14, 2023 — ttcInnovations, Inc., a leading name in the learning and development industry, is proud to announce the launch of its Unlimited Learning Subscription Service. This innovative, subscription-based approach provides businesses with unprecedented on-demand access to premier training and development experts, while allowing the flexibility of unlimited requests and reviews. With new subscription plans, you can streamline, scale and increase training performance at an affordable and predictable price.

Debbie Wooldridge, CEO of ttcInnovations, highlighted the company’s commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of businesses:

We’ve listened to our customers and understood the need to be more flexible with changing training and talent needs, and we’re excited that this solves that problem while leveling the playing field and providing access quality learning content to all companies, whatever their activity. growth stage. We firmly believe that learning matters and that everyone deserves the opportunity to grow by providing access to quality training for all. As a certified women-owned business, we actively support the evolution of growth and foster an equitable environment. We are committed to empowering others to create impactful learning experiences that drive change. And this solution illustrates our commitment to fulfilling this mission.

The new subscription service will be offered through three flexible, tiered plans and is available from September 12, 2023. All plans will offer the following features:

  • ttcInnovations will design to your standards, including source files and licensed media stock.
  • They build it, you own it. No license makes it easy to update as needed, or they can do the work for you.
  • Access vetted experts and guided support every step of the way, delivering quality results.
  • A 4-point quality assurance process for professional editing, functional testing, alignment to brand standards, and educational consistency.

This launch marks the culmination of ttcInnovations’ strategic efforts to redefine their North Star and clarify their mission statement. As a premier recruiting solution for learning and development, they have consistently demonstrated their commitment to providing top talent and forward-thinking services. With the Unlimited Learning Subscription, ttcInnovations aims to transform the way businesses approach training, ensuring they remain competitive and adaptable in an ever-changing business landscape. This subscription service demonstrates the company’s philosophy of quality, accessibility and growth.

To learn more about ttcInnovations Unlimited Learning subscription plans, click here.

“The ttcInnovations subscription service has been invaluable. With a dedicated on-demand team and the ability to easily prioritize and adjust projects without the hassle of constant proposals and budget approvals, it saves us time and effort. valuable resources.” – Global leader in e-commerce

About ttcInnovations

Since 2001, ttcInnovations has been a trusted partner to leading learning and development organizations, delivering training initiatives based on current needs. As a full-service training and talent agency, we specialize in connecting the top 2% of talent through Innovators on Demand® staff augmentation, outsourced project management and a recently launched subscription-based learning service, making effective training solutions accessible to everyone. We are committed to connecting learning professionals with their dream jobs and empowering businesses to create impactful learning experiences that drive change. As a certified women-owned business, ttcInnovations has built impactful partnerships, focusing first on culture and aligning staffing strategies with organizational goals to achieve real results. Together we achieve this.


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