The ultimate guide to upskilling and reskilling for leaders (eBook)


The upskilling and reskilling guide to maximize internal talent

Many organizations choose to promote from within rather than go through a lengthy and costly recruiting process. But how do you identify top performers and emerging leaders? What is the most effective way to prepare employees for future challenges and equip them with the right skills? This ultimate upskilling and reskilling guide from Learning Pool and eLearning Industry can help you leverage modern technology and proven strategies to create a personalized action plan to close gaps and empower the world real.

E-book released: Empower Your People: The Ultimate Upskilling and Reskilling Guide for Forward-Thinking Leaders

E-book release

Empower your people: the ultimate upskilling and reskilling guide for forward-thinking leaders

Learn how to launch an upskilling and reskilling program to make the most of the talents you already have.

Why recruit when you can improve?

While the skills shortage remains strong, it is often more cost-effective to develop talent internally than to carry out a new recruitment campaign. Employees are already aware of company expectations, culture and policies. So there is no need to start from scratch. Additionally, you have already invested in their professional development, and it is more practical to invest additional resources in their continuing education pathways. Another notable benefit of upskilling and reskilling is retaining your already qualified team members rather than losing them to other organizations.

About this eBook

How can we develop skills development programs that create an emotional connection? What’s the best way to find an outsourcing partner with the right expertise? Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • Is now the right time to launch an upskilling and reskilling program?
  • The link between developmental training and employee retention
  • Tips for creating skill development resources that pack a personalized punch
  • Leverage the power of AI to identify skills gaps and address them head on
  • Advanced Analytics: What Can Smart Data Do for Your L&D Strategy?
  • How to use upskilling and reskilling to identify tomorrow’s leaders
  • Ways to increase engagement and foster practical application in professional training
  • Outsourcing without stress: the secrets to selecting the right upskilling and retraining solution

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