Shapes in Adobe Illustrator: why you need them and how to use them.

Shapes in Adobe Illustrator allow you to build various vector objects. This tool is one of the main ones for designers, so its study is a must.

Shapes in Illustrator allow you to create basic images and change their shape, proportions, fill, and many other parameters. All this can be done literally by pressing a few keys.

Tasks for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a specialized program for creating images using vectors. While photographs and other raster images combine many small dots, vector graphics are made up of lines of various shapes. As in mathematics, any curve that makes up a picture is given by a formula.

Because of this, the creation of detailed drawings in Adobe Illustrator is almost impossible, but such files load quickly and take up little memory.

All images created using vector graphics are a combination of colored shapes. The user can change their shape and color. In addition, you can outline the objects in different colors. You need to understand how to combine shapes in Adobe Illustrator to get the desired picture. Experts superimpose objects on top of each other, changing their order and achieving the final image.

Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

The program provides additional effects to create a high-quality image: gradient (smooth color transition from one to another), changing the transparency of objects, etc. Adobe Illustrator makes working with colorful text more convenient because you can easily move headings and change the appearance of letters here. At the same time, they are regarded as figures consisting of curved lines; accordingly, all the rules for working with vectors apply to them.

Designers and artists actively use this unique program. It allows you to quickly and easily create many graphic objects.


Almost all modern company signs are vector-type objects. This is very convenient because it allows you to easily change the logo size for printing, for example, on a banner or a mug. No need to create a separate image for each task. The original images can be enlarged or reduced to the required parameters in just a few clicks.

Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

On the Internet, such logos also facilitates the work since they take up little space in the browser’s memory and therefore do not affect the speed of loading sites. There are two types of such objects: concise and complex. Thanks to the Adobe Illustrator program, a qualified specialist can easily and quickly create any logo.


Shapes in Adobe Illustrator and the ability to move them to make it easy to change colors and draw a picture in more detail. You can view the resulting illustration in the outline view and make any necessary adjustments. In addition, when using graphics tablets, you can work with brushes. In Adobe Illustrator, they will draw vector lines at once, which can then be grouped into the desired shapes.


To create this type of object, Illustrator draws a grid that allows you to maintain the same size for all pictures. Vector drawings consist of one or more shapes. All drawings must be made in the same style if we are talking about a set of icons.


This concept means an analog of three-dimensional graphics formed from flat figures. This effect is created by rotating lines parallel to the plane by 30°. Experiment: take a picture of any object of a cubic shape and measure the length of its edges in the photo. You will see that the far edges will be shorter than the near ones.

Isometrics works differently. All sides of the cube will be drawn equally. Adobe Illustrator creates a special grid along the cells from which a figure is drawn. This feature can be enabled automatically. By combining several shapes in Adobe Illustrator, you can create a complex image that will mimic a 3D model.


This technique helps to attract the attention of consumers and allows you to get all the important information about the product immediately. Now infographics are used in many areas of life: in advertising, on websites, in presentations, in social networks, etc. Sometimes flat pictures are used to create it, and sometimes isometric ones.

Such images are a combination of drawing and text. Photographs are often used to create infographics, allowing the complete transfer of information about the object. In this case, you will need additional programs to create an image, for example, P. If you are dealing with a finished drawing on which you want to place text, then Adobe Illustrator will help you do this quickly and easily.

The program allows you to move objects and inscriptions and change their color and size.

Working with Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

  • Selection tools

Illustrator uses two selection tools.

Selection tool. Allows you to select a shape and move it to the desired location and change its size. The direct selection tool selects the key points of the figure and allows you to edit them. To use this tool, click on the desired point, hold down the shift key, and select the rest with the mouse.

  • Shape Tools

Now let’s see how the form tools work. On the toolbar is the icon Rectangle Tool (rectangle). You will get a list of all available forms when you click on it. Let’s analyze the creation of shapes in Adobe Illustrator using the example of a rectangle.

Shapes in Adobe Illustrator
  • Filling and Outlines

You will start creating this shape by clicking on the rectangle in the toolbar. Click on a space and form an object of the desired size. According to the automatic settings, the outlines of the rectangle will be black, and its filling will be white.

  • Color inside shape

To change the fill color of the created object, click the Fill button on the toolbar. You will see a color palette. Move the mouse cursor to the red color and click on it. Then click OK as confirmation.

Shapes in Adobe Illustrator
  • Delete the outline

You will see the shape’s outline if you click on the Stroke button on the toolbar. Click the mouse on the inscription None, crossed out in red. The outline of the object will immediately disappear.

  • Working with proportions

You can draw a regular square with the rectangle tool. Hold down shift and drag the mouse cursor across the screen to do this. The same rule applies to creating a circle; only in this case will you need to select the ellipse tool.

  • Working with shape sizes

To change the size of the created shape, use the tool ion Tool (Selection). It will enclose the object in a rectangular box. Drag the corner of this rectangle in the direction you want to resize it. Hold the shift key during the procedure if you want to save the changes immediately.

  • Rotation of figures

Select the object in the same way as in the previous case. Move the mouse cursor near the corner point of the rectangle. You will see a spin button. Click on it and start rotating the shape. If you want to rotate the object immediately by 45°, hold down the shift key while pressing it.

  • Additional form tool options

On the toolbar, click on the button Star Tool (Star). After that, you will see an options window. Fill in the value fields with the data shown in the figure below and confirm the action by clicking OK. A bursting star will appear. This method allows you to select additional options for form tools.

With the help of shape tools and basic shapes, you can model almost any image.

Advanced Settings in Adobe Illustrator

The Shape Builder tool is used to model complex objects.

You can quickly access it by pressing the key combination Shift+M.

Automatic settings are programmed in such a way that the use of this tool, by default, combines different objects into one.

To perform this task, you must hold down the left mouse button and enter with the cursor over the objects. All shapes within the stroke area will be merged into a single whole. In this case, they will be filled with hatching.

Using the Shape Builder tool, you can merge objects and remove parts of them. To do this, press and hold the ALT key and drag the cursor over the shape to be deleted.

You can customize this tool yourself. To do this, double-click on it with the left mouse button or use the keyboard by pressing the enter key when the tool is active.

Let’s deal with the tool settings. “Defining gaps” allows you to combine shapes that are at a certain distance from each other. You can adjust the length of the gap by choosing from the options offered by the program or by setting this value yourself. If the distance between objects is within the specified norm, Adobe Illustrator automatically combines them into one shape.

Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

The second point is responsible for combining shapes with an open outline. Check this option and click on the open loop. The tool will automatically complete the non-existing edge and create a shape.

With the help of the same tool, you can separate the figure’s contour into fragments. To do this, click on it when the “Combine” mode is active.

You can change the fill color of a new object using a fill. Refer to the color palette and select the desired one there.

Check the box next to Fill. Now you can hover over the merging area and see which objects will be merged.

The last item in the list of additional options is the selection of the outline of the shape. When using this tool, objects that are subject to editing are indicated by highlighting.

How to master the secrets of Adobe Illustrator

In a graphic design course, you can learn the secrets of working with Adobe Illustrator and other graphic programs.

You will learn how to independently develop a corporate identity for a company, including packaging design, logo, and other materials. After completing the course and mastering the profession of a graphic designer, you will have a full portfolio of six projects.

It is important to understand that to work in this area; you will need not only the skills of working in Adobe Illustrator but also knowledge of composition and coloring. To create an image that matches the customer’s ideas, it is necessary to have a taste and understand the employer’s preferences. After the class, you will learn to understand color matching and will be able to design visual products using different styles.

The curriculum consists of several components:

  • Lessons with a teacher. Acting graphic designers conduct lessons with experience in this field of 5 years. They will explain to you the basics of the profession, check your homework and give feedback on all emerging issues.
  • Homework. After the lesson, the teacher will give you a practical task. You must complete it yourself using the materials provided.
  • Mentorship. The best graduates of the course will help you with the solution to issues that arise during the training.
  • Game component. In the study process, competitions in the main disciplines will be held. Three winners in each direction will receive wonderful bonuses from our company.

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