Real Estate Color Palette Trends to Watch in 2024


There are some real estate logo trend colors that companies in this sector have used conventionally. These colors evoke the emotions desired by viewers and target customers. But in 2024, visuals in this industry might frequently use certain colors to stand out and convey specific messages to the target audience.

A real estate logo is the fundamental identity of a company in this sector. Many big and small brands are already operating in any target real estate market. With an impressive and uniquely designed logo, a brand can hope to attract attention. Such logos help to leave a memorable and lasting impression on potential property buyers.

Elements such as fonts, icons, text, slogans, and images are all essential in designing branding visuals. As in other sectors, these elements also play a central role in forming the identity of a brand in the real estate sector.

But of all the elements, color is the most important for designing a wide range of marketing and promotional items, including logos. In real estate, graphic designers explore certain colors more than others to target markets and customers.

Always, real estate brand colors It is difficult to decide which one to choose from because there are many aspects to their use. Designers mainly explore colors to evoke our emotions. For example, red gives us a feeling of aggression, passion and love. Thus, a professional designer will first know what emotions to evoke before choosing a set of colors.

But most graphic designers prefer trending colors to reflect the change people want. Here’s how we see color trends developing for the next year in real estate.

Real Estate Color Palette Trends to Watch in 2024

Real estate is a diverse industry since there are many types of properties that people are looking for. Companies have explored different colors. While some colors have been used conventionally for decades, others are trendy and match people’s current tastes or dislikes.

The real estate industry uses multiple colors to evoke emotions based on brand messages. But as in other sectors, real estate has its favorite colors. These are the colors often used in logos, websites and many online and offline promotional campaigns.

Bold, bright and vibrant colors

Most companies are exploring bright and bold colors in the real estate industry. It used to be that neutral hues were the preference of many companies dealing with real estate to convey authenticity.

But now real estate companies are grabbing attention by using bright, bold colors to stand out. Bright colors are making a comeback. Marketing and promotional visuals in bright, vibrant colors instantly grab attention. These colors also create a brand statement. Bright colors also help convey the personality and values ​​of a real estate brand.

How designers and real estate companies use color trends can be gauged from the logos below. These are the winning logos for the real estate industry in a design competition organized by Designhill. Since logos typically have colors that match a brand’s business cards, websites, and other visuals, the colors used in these actual logos real estate logos showcasing the color palette trends that are developing for 2024.

Take a look at the designer’s next winning design Wiidesign. You can notice a mixture of bright and bold red and blue colors in this visual. The Sell or Buy PRO brand can instantly grab the attention of potential customers with these colors. Overall, the real estate logo ideas from this particular brand demonstrate a sense of credibility and security.

Real estate logo design

Here is another example of a Coyote Ridge real estate branding visual. This graphic uses a bright yellow and orange palette to convey hope and passion.

Real estate color palette logo

This logo is also a great trendy real estate color scheme with a mix of light blue, white and yellow.

Real Estate Color Palette Trends to Watch in 2024


Blue is one of the most used colors for real estate logos today and it will probably continue in 2024. According to some surveys, more than two thirds of logos in this sector are blue. Most of the logo designers participating in logo design contests on different platforms in the real estate industry use blue. Thus, blue will continue to dominate the color plated for real estate in 2024.

This logo of Esplanade, a real estate company, effectively uses blue as the sole brand color to convey the sophistication and approachability of the brand.

Real estate and mortgage logo design


Besides blue, the real estate industry is exploring other colors to convey a specific message. Green, for example, is one of the dominant colors. real estate logo colors. It has been found that more than a quarter of real estate clients want their promotional visuals to be green.

Here is an inspiring example of using green as a primary color. With black, this brand visual conveys authority, trust and growth.

Real Estate Color Palette Trends to Watch in 2024 - Interior Images


Similarly, real estate agents preferred gray, black, and white color choices for logos and other visuals. These colors allow brands in this sector to stand out because they are used less.

Take the example of the Urbanite Brokers logo, where black is mostly used as the primary color. Black signifies the power and authority that a house or other property reflects.

real estate logo


Yellow is another trending color that will continue to be a favorite among designers to create visuals for the real estate industry next year. Paired with black text, yellow creates a unique impression and helps brands stand out. This gives the logo and other visuals a welcoming and positive vibe.

This Lolem Legacy logo is in a yellow real estate color palette. The unique yellow color of the buildings and the brand name makes this design stand out from its competition.


Here is another great example of the color yellow in the logo and other visuals of a real estate company.

Real Estate Color Palette Trends to Watch in 2024

These are therefore the trend colors for selling and buying a property. Which of them is the best real estate logo color it will depend on a brand’s identity and message. Consider your brand requirements which include values, personality and message. Choose the colors that best express your brand in your target market. Since visuals greatly appeal to the target audience, you need to consider the latest color palette trends to stand out and stay relevant. According to National Association of Realtors, approximately 51% of buyers in the United States found the homes they bought on the internet in 2022. The data highlights the importance of having a thriving online presence. Your real estate company’s logo and other graphics should be compelling and align with current color palette trends that truly reflect your brand personality.

But don’t worry when it comes to designing your brand visuals. Count on Designhill, a leading creative marketplace with a community of hundreds of talented designers from around the world. Dozens of designers will enter your design contest, each submitting unique design ideas based on your brief. Whether you need a logo, business card, or any other visual, just start a design contest on this platform with a well-written design brief, and you’ll get lots of unique submissions in no time. days only. Select the one that best suits your needs and have it modified (if necessary) by the relevant designer.

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Consider real estate logo trend colors when considering an emblem for your real estate business. Colors are the essential elements to give the logo an impression and a personality. Real estate brands use blue, green and black and will likely continue to use these colors next year. But consider your brand’s design requirements when choosing the right colors for your real estate logo.


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