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Last updated on August 1st, 2023

Midjourney is an AI-powered tool that empowers graphic designers to bring their visions to life and create captivating designs, including logos, artwork, user interfaces, and more. Unlock the potential of this cutting-edge tool and let your creativity soar with prompts and tips to design unforgettable logos. However, for those relying on Midjourney for logo creation, learning to fully utilize its capabilities is essential.

Designers frequently seek inspiration and direction to help them create their style and advance their design skills.

A well-designed logo is essential for every company since it acts as the brand’s visual expression and facilitates strong connections with the target market. By mastering mid-journey logo design, you may build aesthetically pleasing logos and successfully convey the brand’s message and values. 

Taking the help of AI-run software to generate images and logos or other designs is common these days. But not all such technological products are equally efficient. They come with different features depending on their use.

Midjourney is one of the most used software tools to create images, logos, etc., designs. It comes loaded with many features to get the desired logo ideas immediately. 

What Is Midjourney?

A cutting-edge technology called Midjourney A.I. Art uses A.I. algorithms to create one-of-a-kind, creative artwork. Images and designs that a person could not independently produce are now feasible because the tool is powered by artificial intelligence. This technology, quickly gaining popularity among graphic artists and design firms, may be used to explore new design possibilities and develop ideas.

This tool combines machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing to produce fresh artwork. It’s a brand-new kind of art that is unrestricted by human constraints and that can be utilized to generate an unending supply of innovative thoughts, ideas, and designs.

It’s interesting to see how this technology is applied in many sectors since it can completely alter our thoughts on design and art. This article will discuss Midjourney AI Art, its applications, and its possible impacts on the design direction.

Advantages Of Midjourney For Designers

In a small fraction of the time it would take a human designer to come up with the same ideas, Midjourney A I Art can assist with generating a broad choice of original and creative concepts for logo designs.

It enables experimenting with many logo design idioms, such as contemporary, conventional, and even conceptual ones. It allows designers to develop basic logo concepts during client engagements quickly.

The studio may then use the clients’ comments to fine-tune the design. It streamlines developing logo design concepts, saving the customer and designer time and money.

Some Considerations Before Writing The Prompts

Before you start writing prompts on Midjourney to generate your logo design, you should consider these tips. First, decide on your logo concept. Note that your logo represents your brand and is more than simply a pretty picture. Some people consider it a primary image. But it represents your brand, personality, and your goods or services.

A professionally designed logo may communicate all these elements to your audience. But take some time to figure out your notion before entering the logo design. Consider it the design guide for your finished product.

By condensing your thoughts into a single topic, you may develop a strong statement that appeals to everyone who sees your logo. For example, if you are launching a food company, you must first know what sort of food company it will be. Its specialty could be cool fruit drinks, the ideal indulgence.

You may begin generating logo concepts with your notion in mind by keeping your topic in mind. Blue and other calming hues would be excellent choices to represent the refreshing nature of your product. However, adding hot beverage symbols will confuse your target audience and weaken the message.

Keep in mind that your logo represents your brand. Therefore, if you take the time to develop your concept thoroughly, you’ll be well on your way to creating an image that speaks for your company.

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How Do You Write Prompts On Midjourney For Logo Design?

Midjourney will design your logo based on how you guide it in your prompt. So, how you write the prompt and in what order you write matters in getting the logo idea from it. By writing randomly in a disorganized way, you will mislead the software. That will produce a confusing logo idea that may not be useful to your brand.

Therefore, writing your prompt in the following order is advisable.

  • Type /imagine first – Make sure you start your prompt by writing /imagine to set the software for creating your logo.
  • Type of logo – Mention the type of logo you need
  • Subject – Then, tell in the prompt what the logo’s subject is. For example, it could be a lion head, a robot, or a diamond.
  • Style – Write your choice of logo style
  • What to avoid – Lastly, tell what you do not want to include in the design.

Now that you know the right order of your prompt, find different ways to get your logo design from Midjourney.

Here Is How You Get Your Logo From Midjourney

01.Get the logo by its type

02.Give your artistic technique preference

03.Tell your choice of an artistic movement

04.Use a famous designer’s name

05.Mention what you do not want in the logo

01. Get The Logo By Its Type

When asking Midjourney to create your logo design, tell it about your preferred logo in your prompt. Note that this A.I. program needs to respond better to text-based commands. Still, it will deliver you good results with letter-mark logos, emblem logos, and mascot logos that are pictorial marks. 

Lettermark Logo Prompt

You can choose a letter mark logotype that involves either the full name of a company or its first letter. So, mention in your prompt a letter mark with the letter or name of your company in the brief. Your brief can be like – a letter mark, serif font, simple, and vector logo. Here is an example of a prompt by a company that wants a stylized letter in serif fonts for the letter mark logo:

/imagine a letter mark of the stylized letter C logo, serif font, vector simple, without any realistic images and other detail.

professional logo

Mascot Logo Prompt

When you prefer the mascot logo, tell it clearly to Midjourney in your brief. Choose an animal, cartoon character, or any other mascot for the logo. Mainly, sports, food, drink, and entertainment businesses opt for a mascot logo. Here is an example of a mascot logo prompt:

/imagine a mascot logo of a tiger for a sports team, simple vector with no shading

Emblem Logo Prompt

The emblem logo is another pictorial logo you can prefer while designing it on Midjourney. You will use a symbol or crest with some text as your logo. Most government departments, the military, and industries like automotive and education prefer emblem logos. These logos convey a sense of authority. Here is an example:

/imagine an emblem logo for a food company, simple vector with no photorealistic images

02.Give Your Artistic Technique Preference

To get a precise logo idea related to your business, tell Midjourney about your artistic technique choice. Logo designers use techniques such as screen-print, gradients, and outlining.

So, while giving your brief to the program, tell it about the technique in the command. For instance,

Screen-Print Technique

A logo design inspired by the screen-print technique has vivid colors and clean lines. When briefing Midjourney for screen print technique, you can tell to create a logo with a screen-print, flat, vector with no realistic photo details. Such logos are mainly used for their printing on items such as T-shirts. Here is an example of this prompt:

/imagine a logo of a cat, screen print, simple, vector, no realistic image details

Outline Technique

The outline technique is a good option for creating simple and recognizable logos. With this technique, you can get pseudo 3d elements in your logo. So, you can command Midjourney to create a logo with most lines, flat and vector, with no realistic photo details.

/imagine a simple logo of a cat, line art, flat, vector, no realistic image details

Gradient Technique

The gradient technique has a blend of different colors and tones. Such logos have colors that transition from one color to another or light to dark. So, your brief could be that you want a logo design with a gradient technique.

/imagine a logo of a fish, gradient, simple, flat, vector, exclude any photorealistic detail

03.Tell Your Choice Of The Art Movement  

Midjourney can also create a logo based on your preferred art technique. Many art styles are prevalent in the art world with a certain vibe. So, if your company needs a logo with an old-school look and feel, you can ask the software for a retro design. You can also opt for a psychedelic art style with surreal imagery and dreamlike quality.

De Stijl Art

De Stijl’s art style uses horizontal and vertical lines, simple geometric shapes, and limited primary colors. A.I. will create a logo with shapes like squares, rectangles, and lines. It will have primary colors like red, blue, and yellow. Here is an example:

/imagine a logo of a dairy brand, simple, vector, De Stijl, do not use realistic images and text

Pop Art

Pop art style uses imagery from pop culture. It has elements such as comic strips, advertisements, and everyday objects. This style brings nostalgia to the old generation.

/imagine a logo of a dairy brand, simple, vector, Pop Art, do not use realistic images and text

04. Use Famous Designers’ Names

You can define your desired logo design style to Midjourney by mentioning the name of a legendary artist or designer’s name. The software will then pick a design style that a famous designer is known for. Midjourney officially recognizes Paul Rand and Saul Bass as the two legendary designers.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is a legendary artist known primarily for Cubism. Though he worked in various genres, the A.I. will most likely develop the cubic art style in response to your prompt. Here is an example of the prompt:

/imagine a tiger head logo, flat vector, minimal, by Pablo Picasso, do not include any realistic photo details.

Paul Rand

You can ask Midjourney to give a logo like Paul Rand would have designed it. Then, you get it uniquely simplistic and minimalistic to reflect the legendary designer’s style. Such a logo will be bold and memorable.

/imagine a tiger head logo, flat vector, minimal, by Paul Rand, do not include any realistic photo details.

Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was another iconic designer known for his minimalistic design style. Similarly, if you mention Pablo Picasso, the A.I. will generate a flat vector logo in a cubism style. Such a logo will have design elements mostly in sharp angles and triangles.

/imagine a tiger head logo, flat vector, minimal, by Piet Mondrian, do not include any realistic photo details.

05.Mention What You Do Not Want In The Logo

Midjourney is a highly efficient software that can do much more than you think while generating a logo. But that extra design may not be helpful for your brand identity. So, while giving it your instructions, tell what elements it should not include.

Ensure that your guidelines also mention the don’ts about the logo design you need. That will provide a clear guideline to the A.I. about what should be avoided in a logo design. Otherwise, it will provide you with a complex and cluttered logo. So, the logo should have no text, realistic details, and shadows.

Here is an example of the end of the Midjourney prompt:

—-no realistic images or photo realistic details, no text, no shadows

You should follow these tips while using Midjourney to get a logo that matches your brand personality and conveys its message. Your guidelines for the A.I. should be precise to help it generate the logo for your company.

Besides, Midjourney, you can also explore Designhill logo maker, an AI-based software, to develop multiple logo ideas. This is a cost-effective way to get your logo quickly and make it a core identity of your company’s offerings.

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Wrapping Up

Midjourney is a leading AI-run software that designs can use to create logos. With a precise brief about the logo style, choice of colors, fonts, etc, it will generate a unique logo. You can explore the software multiple times until you have the right logo image. But make sure that you provide it with the right details. So, first, know what exactly you need from the logo design before submitting your brief.


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