Professions of the future in various fields of activity

Professions of the future will inevitably complement or even completely replace existing specialties. And the steady development of technology leads to this. They bring significant changes to our reality, and the labor market is no exception.

When choosing a profession, focusing on those that are popular at the moment is becoming riskier. It is much more reasonable to think about how the world will look in a few years and get the appropriate education.

Trends shaping the professions of the future

What future awaits humanity is difficult to predict accurately. There were many prophecies, but not all of them came true. However, even now, it is possible to accurately say what changes the professional market will undergo, focusing on today’s trends.

  • Globalization or Integration. For example, an employee of a company can perform his official functions.
  • Personalization, in which an individual offer is created for each client. This is part of a marketing strategy aimed at studying the desires and preferences of the consumer. For this, online stores constantly improve their services by introducing a large number of filters and advertising products based on customer requests in the search bar.
  • Automation. Those functions that a person previously performed are now robotized. For example, the recognition of a criminal among the masses of people.
  • Environmental friendliness. Pollution of the planet is becoming the number one problem. Manufacturers will seek to minimize litter by eliminating plastic, recycling waste, and using renewable energy sources.

The Importance of Focusing on the Future

Now we are living in a very interesting time when each of us, as a unique resource, can realize ourselves in social production. And how high the value of a person to society depends on the relevance of his profession and the level of competence.

In modern conditions, it is absurd to think that the state should provide its citizens with all the necessary benefits, as was the case under the administrative-command system. In the era of market relations, a person’s well-being is largely shaped by himself.

The search for in-demand professions of the future must begin while still in school. This will give more opportunities for appropriate preparation. It is important to adequately assess the prospects for the development of a particular industry, which will help determine the future field of activity and subsequently be in demand in the labor market. Otherwise, there is every chance of being supplanted by artificial intelligence.

IT professions of the future

We live in an era of rapid development of the Internet. Now the demand for specialists in the field of information technology exceeds the supply. According to the forecasts of the recruiting platform HeadHunter, this situation will continue in the coming years.

Professions of the future in various fields of activity
  • A programmer or developer who creates software products that meet specified requirements. This work is widely demanded in many areas, so specialists have high wages. The IT industry is constantly evolving; new programming languages ​​and working tools are being updated.
  • Cyber ​​security specialist. One can often hear about hacker attacks on the information systems of any country. Cases of cyber crimes and cyber terrorism have become more frequent. For this reason, the demand for data protection specialists is very high.
  • Data Scientist. Government agencies and large corporations have extensive databases. To solve various production problems, the processing and analysis of this information is required, which is what data analysts do. They transform huge amounts of information by the given parameters, identify patterns and determine the likelihood of an event.
  • Mobile application developer. According to statistics, the development of applications for mobile devices is gradually starting to dominate the creation of computer programs. This trend has been observed since 2020.
  • DevOps engineer. This is a specialist who combines the processes of program development, testing, and administration. It establishes communications between all teams to create a finished product, builds a single platform, and automates processes. The demand for DevOps engineers has grown by 70% over the past six months.
  • Project Manager. This specialist is responsible for implementing projects from idea to launch. Project managers are in demand in the IT sector and in many other areas, such as the service sector, finance, non-profit organizations, etc. These specialists usually have a wide range of skills and abilities, so the demand for them will grow shortly.

Professions in the medical field

To increase life expectancy and improve its quality, such professions of the future will be in demand: doctors assisting remotely, specialists in the field of genetics, personal health managers, and others.

Professions of the future in various fields of activity
  • Genetic Consultant. This is a specialist in treating and preventing hereditary diseases with higher medical education. He gives recommendations in the detection of diseases of a genetic nature and also advises families when planning a pregnancy. This profession is relevant today.
  • An online therapist is a doctor who owns technologies for remote diagnosis. The main areas of the doctor’s work are diagnostics and prevention.
  • Medical Marketer. This is a specialist engaged in market research and promoting the services of clinics and pharmaceutical companies. Its task is to attract the maximum number of people to the client base of a medical company.
  • Expert in Personalized Medicine. This is a doctor who is well-versed in genetics. He can conduct and decipher DNA tests.
  • A bioethicist is a specialist who forms ethical principles, a regulatory framework, and legal relations in connection with the development of medicine and its areas. The bioethicist deals with complex biomedical cases, organizing interactions between the patient, his family, doctors, geneticists, and legal specialists.
  • Developer of cyber prostheses and implants. This specialist is engaged in developing functional devices and organs that have high biocompatibility and do not cause rejection from the body.
  • Brain implant specialist. He is engaged in creating, selecting, adjusting, and service devices implanted in the patient’s brain or connected to it.

Professions in education

In the field of education, there is already a need for more specialties. This trend will intensify. Here is a list of new professions of the future which are worth paying attention to.

Professions of the future in various fields of activity
  • Online course producer. He is a specialist in the creation and development of distance learning projects. He must have a lot of knowledge and experience to launch and promote an online school or courses.
  • Tutor. It is predicted that education will be based on the development of individual natural skills and human abilities. The tutor acts as the curator of the individual learning process.
  • A mind fitness trainer is a brain development specialist. The trainer owns special techniques that contribute to the development of the cognitive functions of the human brain.
  • Igromaster. Currently, gamification has been developed, that is, the use of game elements in everyday non-gaming processes, for example, in school, work, or life. Igromaster is developing such games.

Energy professions

The depletion of natural resources leads to the desire of a person to find an adequate replacement for them. In particular, this is the search for renewable energy sources. These are the future professions that will be in demand in this area.

Professions of the future in various fields of activity
  • A meteorologist is a specialist who optimizes energy production based on weather forecasts. His goal is to cut costs. For example, if warming is predicted, the meteorologist recommends reducing the heating power.
  • Energy markets marketer. This specialty is not in demand. This is due to the low share of private companies selling heat or electricity. And the more such companies, the higher the competition. Then you need a marketer who helps to get ahead of your rivals.
  • Designer of wearable power devices. This specialist creates things (clothes, shoes, accessories) with the function of microgeneration of electrical energy. For example, a bag that can charge a gadget on a long journey or a watch that continuously works without batteries. In addition to good taste, such a designer must have knowledge of physics, particularly regarding the functioning of wireless chargers.
  • Electric tanker. This profession is in infrastructure maintenance for refueling vehicles with electricity. The specialist must know about the design of electric vehicles, electric motors, and chargers for them, as well as understand the technical characteristics of charging stations.

Construction professions

The construction sector will also be affected by changes due to the use of artificial intelligence, robotics, and environmentally friendly materials. Here are some of the in-demand jobs of the future in the sector.

Professions of the future in various fields of activity
  • A 3D technologist who will design and construct buildings or building components using 3D printing.
  • Builder of “smart” roads. This specialist is engaged in selecting and installing a special road surface that responds to changing weather conditions and adapts to them. He also develops surveillance systems that analyze traffic situations and prevent congestion.
  • Smart home infrastructure designer. The essence of a “smart home” is the automated control of all appliances in the house without human intervention. Such a system can control the temperature, open the blinds when a person wakes up, make him coffee when he returns from work, etc. The task of the “smart home” designer is the correct operation of this entire system.
  • BIM designer. The acronym BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. A BIM designer creates a future building or structure model and fills it with detailed information.
  • Urban environmentalist. The main function of such a specialist is the construction of environmentally friendly “green cities” that will not harm nature. This future profession is becoming increasingly relevant for girls and young people in school. In some European and Asian countries, these specialists have already found their application.
  • Living systems architect. This is one of the professions focused on respect for the environment. Such an architect’s task will be designing and commissioning closed-loop technologies using microorganisms and genetically modified organisms. These include urban farms, bioreactors, waste-free waste processing technologies, etc.

Professions in Economics

With the automation of many processes, changes will come to the sphere of the economy. Some professions will disappear, and some will transform.

Professions of the future in various fields of activity
  • Personal manager for financial development. In the future, it is expected that the sphere of the economy will change dramatically and, at the same time, become more complex. People will need help understanding many processes. Therefore, specialists in building a personal investment plan, career development, etc., will be in demand.
  • Financial engineer. The profession of a financier will no longer be relevant in the format that it is now. These professionals should know about software development as they will implement financial products using best practices.
  • Crowdfunding Specialist. Collective financing, or crowdfunding, is a way to raise money to develop creative, social, scientific, and other ideas. This method is very popular in the Internet environment. Those who wish to invest in these projects to provide gratuitous assistance or to make a profit in the future. Crowdfunding specialists organize the operation of such fundraising platforms. At the same time, they advise organizations and individuals on issues of collective financing.
  • Trend watcher. This specialist is engaged in the study of changes in science, culture, politics, economics, and public life. This information is needed to assess the likely risks. You can form a strategy for the company’s development based on it.
  • Developer of individual pension plans. In the future, specialists are expected to develop plans for investing in pension funds. This will consider the client’s financial level, the field of activity, lifestyle, and other parameters.

Professions focused on goods for children.

The hobbies and interests of the younger generation determine the prospects for the development of society. For example, games and cartoons build tomorrow’s values. In this regard, shortly, goods and various programs for children will be developed for educational purposes. The following professions of the future will be in demand in the labor market:

Professions of the future in various fields of activity
  • An expert in the image of the unborn child who knows the field of pedagogy and career guidance. This specialist, working with schoolchildren, helps them find personal directions for development. Focusing on their talents and abilities, the expert selects circles, sections, and courses that will contribute to developing the child’s natural data.
  • Children’s R&D manager. This specialist in identifying talents and fresh ideas of the child. He organizes the creative process, in which he takes the most interesting and non-standard children’s ideas and ideas as a basis for the subsequent development of goods and services.
  • Architect of transmedia products. A person representing this profession of the future, with one set of characters, models content for different media formats (TV programs, games, comics, etc.).
  • Children’s robotics designer who develops products for children based on programmable robots. At the same time, much attention is paid to the psychophysiological characteristics of childhood. Usually, children willingly join the game process with robots.

Creative professions

In the field of culture and art, new professions will also appear, and the current ones will change somewhat. Let’s deal with them in more detail.

  • An art manager is a specialist engaged in organizational activities in art. He launches projects and organizes exhibitions, art sales, creative collaborations, etc. A representative of this profession works at the intersection of economics, project management, and marketing.
  • Podcast creator. Podcasts are a series of themed audio content. This phenomenon has become one of the media trends of recent times. The creator knows how to launch, develop and monetize a podcast.
  • Emotion Designer. This specialist implements the emotional coloring of the media product in such a way as to evoke the specified feelings and emotions in the consumer. This work uses high technology and new ways of delivering information. An emotion designer must, first of all, be a psychologist and a creative person.
  • Virtual Architect. Soon, the virtual world will be as natural for a person as the real one. The main task of the architect of virtuality will be creating an artificial space for everyday life where you can work, study, and relax.
  • Science-artist. This is a creative person who applies scientific knowledge in the created works. For this, competence in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, and other sciences can be used. This knowledge is expressed in the artistic image. Such works of art allow you to look at scientific data from a different angle, making them more understandable and curious for an unenlightened person from this area.
  • Only a small part of the new specialties is shown here. Every year their number will grow. Therefore, to navigate the professions and technologies of the future, we recommend monitoring their emergence regularly.

The accelerating pace of life and increasingly complex work processes will require high self-organization. In this regard, future specialists need to be able to distribute the load and maintain their ability to work properly. Also, a key aspect of labor activity is properly maintaining one’s physical and emotional state.

The demanded professions of the future presented in this article are only a small part of the whole variety of emerging specialties. Every year, major consulting companies and researchers post online reports and forecasts about the future job market.

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