Professions for men: interesting and highly paid specialties

The line between professions for men and women in the 21st century is almost erased – representatives of both sexes work in almost any field. However, there remain areas in which men are more successful.

Traditionally, this is work in law enforcement agencies, professions associated with hard physical labor, and high-tech specialties that require an engineering mindset, such as programming.

Are there male professions today?

The division of professions into “male” and “female” has not been welcomed for a long time. Today it is important that work provides a good income and be enjoyable. However, to this day, the unofficial classification of professions by gender persists since it is believed that in a certain field of activity, men are more successful than women and vice versa.

Stereotypical attitudes, formed in our minds by many generations, say that the task of any member of the stronger sex is to achieve career heights and ensure material well-being for their family. In this regard, some professions are considered unsuitable for men, for example, the position of a teacher in a school.

At the same time, a list of work areas has been legally established in which employment of women is not allowed. In particular, we are talking about working in the chemical and mining industries in hot spots. As for the military and pilots, the percentage of employed men is also much higher.

So, what professions for men are considered the best and can lead to the expected results?

Since ancient times, the priority “male” specialties were associated with physical labor. Since the representatives of the stronger sex are more enduring and strong, they are better able to master, for example, military professions.

But today, the job market provides many other earning opportunities that do not require a demonstration of physical qualities, but remarkable mental abilities are valued. So, professions such as IT specialists, legal advisers, auditors, analysts, etc., are suitable for men. To be successful, it is important to be able to work with large amounts of information. Therefore, everyone can choose a suitable and interesting direction of activity for themselves.

Ten highest-paying jobs for men

  • IT specialist

Anyone with programming and web design skills who knows how to set up targeted advertising or create websites can earn money. This profession is one of the most sought-after for men. Besides, it allows you to have a good income. Indeed, with the development of computer technology, the demand for such specialists is quite high.

It is also noteworthy that it is possible to realize oneself in this area without higher education. However, this requires constant self-development and advanced training.

  • Banking clerk

This industry is also actively developing and therefore needs highly qualified specialists. An operational or credit department employee, a financial analyst – these vacancies are often found on various portals and websites for job search and recruitment. What is important in banking is a real opportunity for career growth.

Professions for men

But you need to have sufficient motivation and strive for the goal. Plus, there is a bonus: working in a financial institution allows you to delve into all the intricacies of investing and, using this knowledge, invest your money very effectively.

What specific knowledge and skills are required? First, the presence of specialized education. Secondly, knowledge of the market and tracking its development trends. Thirdly, the ability to analyze and process large amounts of information.

  • Legal and attorney services

Jurisprudence is considered a male specialization since lawyers and lawyers must be able to think calmly and consistently, explain their point of view with reason, and be reasonable and balanced. And these qualities are mostly attributed to the representatives of the stronger sex. The most highly valued are narrowly focused specialists in the field, for example, of maritime or international law.

As for the legal profession, the ability to convince is highly valued in this area, the art of oratory is encouraged, and, of course, the ability to competently conduct a debate in court.

  • Marketing manager, advertising manager

Today, this specialty is in great demand in almost any field of activity. The tasks of a marketer include developing a strategy for promoting a product, analyzing the state of the market and competitors, conducting a pricing policy, etc. Also, representatives of this profession must have economic education, have Internet skills, and interact with users on social networks.

In addition, knowledge of some psychological aspects of the behavior of potential customers and the ability to analyze their needs will not be excessive. All this is necessary to launch the product on the market successfully.

  • Auditor, accountant, crisis manager

Top professions for men continue with financial specialties. Interaction with regulatory and inspection bodies has always been and will be an integral part of the activity of any direction. The main requirement is an excellent knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations of the Federal Tax Service. Work in such a position is possible both in the state and under the contract. In addition, freelancers who manage the enterprise’s affairs during the reporting periods can succeed.

  • Architect

In addition to the technical knowledge that the applicant must possess, the presence of creative abilities is also welcome. Designing buildings for various purposes, landscape designs, and elements of urban infrastructure require thoughtfulness, perseverance, and, of course, attention to detail.

Professions for men

The architect works not only with private orders but also with state ones; for example, he is responsible for the preservation and restoration of historical monuments of a city or country.

  • Manager

His tasks include organizing production processes and coordinating the work of employees subordinate to him. To achieve success in his field, a manager must have impeccable specialized knowledge and information about the activities of the company as a whole. In addition, you should develop in yourself such qualities as:

  • ability to think strategically;
  • leadership abilities;
  • foresight, which will help to beat competitors.

The salary of an employee holding the manager position is directly proportional to his professionalism and performance indicators of the sector or department entrusted to him.

  • Entrepreneur, business owner

This work is only for some, but it is quite promising and allows you to increase your income several times. In addition to optimism and self-confidence, well-developed analytical skills, excellent knowledge of the industry of their activity, and the ability to think outside the box are required.

You need to understand that starting your own business is always associated with risks, including the possibility of losing the capital invested in development. Prudence, prudence, and patience will help to minimize or eliminate them.

  • Financial Consultant

Investment experience is desired by wealthy individuals who seek to increase their already rather large capital and ordinary people looking for ways to make a profitable investment. Some seek to, through passive income, forget about work for hire and devote their time to more exciting activities. Others consider this type of income as an opportunity to provide a financial pillow for the future of themselves or their children. An investment specialist must be well-versed in all the intricacies of the financial market, have developed communication skills with representatives of any population segment, and have an impeccable reputation.

  • Doctor

This profession for men could be called one of the most sought-after. Medical assistance is always required, and the shortage of narrowly specialized specialists is especially acute today. To qualify, you should unlearn seven years and then regularly improve your level of professionalism.

But the development prospects for surgeons, endocrinologists, oncologists, etc., are brilliant. A good specialist can be employed in both public and private clinics. And yet, having impeccable knowledge, you can engage in scientific research.

Five professions for men in law enforcement agencies

The professions most suitable for men are listed below, as they involve protecting the country’s citizens both within it and beyond its borders.


Firefighters seem like heroes when they climb a high ladder to the top floor of the house and put out the fire. Their technology and equipment are states of the art: fire masks and fire-resistant suits, communications equipment, and other necessary equipment reduce the risks inherent in this profession.

Professions for men

A firefighter becomes a man who has good physical data and a stable psyche and knows how to think calmly in the face of danger. So, the nuances of the profession are as follows:

  • The risk to life and health is always present. It is not uncommon for firefighters to get injured. In addition, the possibility of nervous strain is not ruled out if the situation is extreme.
  • The working day of firefighter needs to obey the established schedule. Calls come at any time of the day, and everyone must be prepared.
  • You need to keep fit with regular exercise.

The desire of a man to become a firefighter characterizes him as a strong, caring person who wants to help other people and save their lives and property.


Military operations have always been considered the prerogative of the male half of the population. And today, most military personnel are men. The state’s army comprises representatives of various professions: pilots, tankers, scouts, etc. The military is assigned ranks, which depend on the available education and length of service.

Contract work is very popular. It can be extended after a certain period. Each employee takes an oath of allegiance to their fatherland and must comply with the charter and follow subordination rules.

The state fully provides the military, including housing. One nuance: the employee must have the right to choose the geographical location of his residence. It is determined by order of higher structures, and the military is obliged to obey.

In addition to devotion to his homeland and readiness to fulfill any order of the commander-in-chief, a man who has chosen the military profession for himself must have the following qualities:

  • courage;
  • courage;
  • dedication;
  • heroism.

Being a military man means overcoming difficulties and showing determination because the quality of the country’s defense depends on this.


Risking their own lives, these people assist victims in emergencies, such as terrorist attacks or disasters.

What is the most important thing for a lifeguard? He must:

  • to perfectly master the skills of a firefighter;
  • swim well, including underwater;
  • be able to provide first aid;
  • have climbing and mountaineering skills:
  • have a good driving experience and, accordingly, rights;
  • be able to work with a search dog;
  • know the principles of operation of various electrical appliances.

These are only some of the skills that can be useful to rescuers. Sometimes these people are forced to act very quickly, instantly reacting to the current situation.

Victims of blockages caused by explosions and earthquakes, who have become hostages of buildings damaged by fire, need the help of rescuers. Also, the Ministry of Emergency Situations employees are part of the search teams, help evacuate in the event of a natural disaster, and eliminate the consequences of artificial accidents.

Professions for men

The profession of a lifeguard for men involves the following duties:

  • rapid response in the event of an emergency;
  • timely arrival at the destination;
  • providing first aid to all victims;
  • active participation in the elimination of a dangerous situation and its consequences;
  • control over the state of equipment and equipment necessary for the performance of rescue operations;
  • compliance with safety regulations.

These rules must always be followed, regardless of whether the rescuers are at the base or working in the field.

The male rescuer has high health indicators and good physical fitness. Among personal qualities, courage, determination, composure, and poise are valued. The ability to work in a team and objectively assess what is happening is also a significant criterion.


Another profession in demand for men is service in the FSB. Moreover, along with the military, civilians can also be employed. The main condition is excellent physical data. Future employees undergo special training, including studies at a university. They study many disciplines that allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in various areas:

  • security of automated communications;
  • cryptography;
  • computer security;
  • security of the analytical system;
  • methods of combating technical intelligence;
  • translation studies;
  • ensuring national security.

The FSB is tasked with preventing terrorist attacks, carrying out intelligence, ensuring information security, etc. Many departments and specialists in various fields represent the structure of the executive authority. As in the case of the military, FSB officers are assigned ranks.

What departments can you work in? For example, in intelligence, extracting, processing, and transmitting secret data. Counterintelligence is engaged in providing the necessary information to the wanted and operational department employees. In addition, the FSB has narrow-profile specialists, who include economists and psychologists, engineers and electronics engineers, investigators, telegraph operators, etc. Employees of law enforcement agencies, such as Alfa and Vympel, are involved in the performance of special operations.

To work in any of them, you should be in good physical shape, have military experience behind you, and be proficient in handling weapons.

Benefits of serving in the FSB:

  • obtaining a quality education;
  • real opportunities for career growth;
  • belonging to the elite power structures;
  • high-profit payment.

Of course, employees must strictly comply with all obligations, including secrecy requirements, be able to take risks, and be responsible for their actions. An applicant who wants to work in the FSB will have to undergo a rigorous selection process to confirm his physical and mental viability and readiness to defend the interests of his country.


Persons with legal education, good physical fitness, and ready for frequent overtime work can replenish the ranks of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The structure of the Ministry has many departments responsible for solving especially serious acts, internal security, controlling drug trafficking, combating economic crimes, etc.

Among the specialists are district police officers, detectives, and investigators. A man who wants to build a career in the Ministry of Internal Affairs must have analytical thinking and the ability to assess the situation and make independent decisions quickly.

Ten most demanded professions for men

Highly paid professions for men require the latter to have appropriate education, constant self-development, and the availability of special skills and abilities.

However, only some manage to find a dream job, and it is necessary to ensure the material well-being of your family. In this case, we advise you to consider other specialties.

  • Cook

There is a theory that male chefs cope with culinary tasks much better than women of the same profession. And indeed, in almost all restaurants, the position of chef goes, as a rule, to the representatives of the stronger sex. This priority is partly based on the conditions in which one has to work.

Professions for men

Only a physically strong and hardy person can spend many hours on his feet in a hot kitchen. The advantage of this profession is that it will always be in demand.

  • Driver

This specialty also retains its relevance. The advantage of the applicant over other applicants will be not only the ability to turn the “steering wheel” but also the availability of rights of different categories and the skills of repairing vehicles. The work may involve travel within the city or on a rotational basis.

  • Car service employee

This work is hard physically, but at the same time, it is adequately paid. You can find a job in an ordinary car repair shop, a branded service salon, or even open your own business, the so-called “garage” car service. Even though the services of such specialists are always required, the most active demand for them is observed only in certain periods.

  • Miner

Speaking of miners, many people imagine grimy workers in helmets and with tools on their shoulders. But technology has stepped far ahead for a long time, and today representatives of this profession have modern equipment and technology at their disposal.

Therefore, a miner is a general concept and has many specialties. To master any of them, you need to study. Workers perform their duties not only underground but also on its surface. So, sunlight is more often seen by machinists or miners.

Miner is one of the highest-paid professions for men, but at the same time, it defines harsh selection criteria, including:

  • lack of claustrophobia, otherwise – fear of confined spaces because the work is mainly carried out deep underground;
  • the ability to respond quickly and make the right decisions in non-standard situations;
  • good health and physical fitness.

Thanks to the miner’s work, various minerals that are strategically important for the country’s development are extracted. But the activities of professionals are invariably associated with a risk to life and health. Alas, even with the latest technological solutions to make mines safer, collapses or breakthroughs of groundwater are rare but still happen.

In addition, various fumes, coal dust, and natural gases can harm the organs of the respiratory system, and loudly working equipment can affect the quality of hearing.

Men deciding to become miners must be prepared for hard and “dirty” work in unrespectable conditions. However, for many, compensation for such “deprivations” may be the number of wages.

  • Builder, decorator

Demanded, well-paid specialty, moreover, does not require higher education. Achieving a high level of professionalism requires constant practice, building and finishing materials knowledge, and modern construction technologies.

  • Sales Representative

The ability to communicate with people focuses on results and responsibility – these are the three main qualities of this profession. The sales representative distributes products, concludes contracts with counterparties, collects applications, controls the timeliness of customer payments, and makes the delivery.

The employer company reimburses the cost of gasoline and car maintenance. A good profession for men who find it difficult to sit in one place because it involves constant mobility.

  • Welder

This is a very responsible job because the slightest mistake can lead to a big disaster. The welder receives a specialization depending on what type of apparatus he works with (gas, electric or automatic). A generalist worker knows how to manage all of the above.

Professions for men

All welders receive protective equipment that protects against sparks. Specialists are needed in the industry, construction, and factories. The more experience, the higher the chances of employment. But beginners should not despair either; you can always go to an apprentice and hone your skills.

  • Electrician

Having such a specialization, a man can quickly find a job. The demand for electricians is everywhere. The field of activity is very wide: from the standard replacement of a socket in a house to the maintenance of electrical networks of enterprises. The higher the responsibility, the more attention is paid to the education and work experience of the applicant.

  • Forester, an employee of the organization for the protection of nature

It is an ideal profession for men who often prefer to be alone, minimizing contact with others. The dream of any introvert: silence, nature, tranquility, and peace. With flaws, of course, because the tasks of the forester include preventing the cutting of trees and fires, as well as monitoring the vacationers located on the territory entrusted to him. This job does not guarantee a high salary, but no one will deny its benefits.

  • warehouse worker

An employee in this specialty keeps records of products in the warehouse, ensures proper storage, participates in audits, and receives and ships goods.

In some cases, the storekeeper may combine several duties, namely:

  • reflect data on the receipt of goods in a special program;
  • place products in the warehouse by certain places for each type;
  • carry out the release of goods based on invoices.

Sometimes applicants for a position must know computer programs or work skills, for example, with a loader.

Creative professions for men

There are people for whom the earnings issue is less acute than the rest. Therefore, they have many opportunities to be at the top of the triumph, precisely in the direction of activity they have chosen for themselves. Of course, this will require an incredible amount of time and effort, but for a spectacular result, you can be patient. So, we open a small top of creative professions for men.

Writer, journalist

The ability to put your thoughts into words and gracefully put them on paper is useful for creating works of art and working on scripts, writing articles for a printed publication, etc.

Also among the highly paid professions for men is journalism. Writing an essay is fine for a talented reporter, but there is one caveat. All published materials must meet the established requirements of the editorial policy. Otherwise, you will have to forget about working on the publication.

The result of your work when creating copyright texts can be posted on special sites on the Internet after reading the terms and conditions of the resource.

Designer, illustrator

With a specialized education, anyone can find an occupation to their liking. Specialists of such a plan work for hire and freelance under a fixed-term contract. What activities can be carried out:

  • create a graphic design for websites and presentations;
  • engage in industrial design;
  • to carry out the design of the interior of the premises and the landscape;
  • create ornaments, sculptures, compositions, and other artistic products.

Some associate their passion with scientific research, plunging into the art world as an amateur and professional.

Musician, singer, artist

Today, it is much easier to demonstrate your musical and artistic talents to an audience of millions than before. It is enough to publish your video on social networks or online entertainment platforms. In addition, you can give private lessons in vocals and acting or even find your calling in the theater.

IT professions that require a male mindset

  • iOS Developer

The iOS development field needs competent specialists with higher technical education in mathematics, computer science, and physics. This highly-paid profession for men is in great demand for creating mobile applications for Apple products: iPhone, Watch, iPad, iPod, etc. Requirements for candidates: knowledge of programming languages, including C ++, Java, and Swift.

  • Big Data Analyst

This profession involves working with business owners. The tasks of the analyst include:

  • The processing of data arrays.
  • The identification of patterns.
  • The implementation of descriptive analysis.

The information obtained is used to increase the performance of business processes. Specialists are widely in demand in medicine and sales of goods, and services for selecting multimedia content by user requests also require their services.

Persons with higher education and deep knowledge of mathematics and applied informatics can apply for the position.

  • cyber explorer

This is an interesting activity area in which many high school students are already involved. The purpose of a cyber investigator is to stop fraudulent activities on the network and prevent the theft of personal data, the spread of false information, etc. The future specialist must receive higher education in computer and information security.

The professions of the future for men are associated with their strength, responsibility, flexible mind, and ability to create something with their own hands.

Our country needs top-level specialists to work in factories, industrial enterprises, IT companies, and other areas that can ensure a worthy and independent future.

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