Internet marketer: professional qualities of a specialist

    Oddly enough, only some people clearly understand who an Internet marketer is, sometimes even the employers themselves. There is a…

    How can teaching style and positive emotions affect learning?

    A small experiment at a business school showed how mood, teaching style, and adult learning outcomes are related. How we…

    Data Science and its business benefits

    Data Science is a science that extracts valuable information for business from raw and unstructured data. It is applicable in…

    Artificial intelligence specialist: what he does and where he is in Demand

    An artificial intelligence specialist is a relatively young profession that has become more popular. This is especially noticeable in the…

    How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2023

    A blockchain developer is engaged in creating products based on blockchain technology. And most of it is known as a…

    12 popular trends in modern design

    We will tell you the features of different design professions and what knowledge they need.  If you are thinking about…


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