Overview of technical professions for girls

Overview of technical professions for girls

Today, many girls choose to work in engineering and technology. This is because “techies” are always in demand, and many specialists earn good money; with the development of technology, there is a need for new personnel. Among women, engineers, designers, and programmers have not surprised anyone for a long time.

What are the technical professions for girls?

Technical professions are related to engineering, industry, energy, construction, transport, and information technology. The choice of sectors and specific activities are extremely wide. They are available to girls with several restrictions.

The Ministry of Labor approved a list of 100 types of work that are officially prohibited for women. We are talking about industries with dangerous and harmful working conditions. The list includes professions related to chemical production, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, metalworking, mining, underground work, well drilling, and oil and gas production.

Overview of technical professions for girls

Also on the list were jobs related to the light industry, printing industry, shipbuilding and ship repair, production and maintenance of aircraft, food industry, cellulose, paper, stone casting, concrete, reinforced concrete products, and heat-insulating materials. Diving, firefighting, driving bulldozers and excavators, and some railway transport and agriculture activities are only available to some women. 

These industries are open to women, but men have more opportunities. In sectors with safe working conditions, there are no such restrictions; for example, the field of information technology is completely available to girls.

Benefits of Tech Jobs

Work related to engineering and technology has several significant advantages.

1. Demand. There are a huge number of technical specializations. Professionals of different profiles are needed in all industries. Profile education makes it possible to get a job in the largest energy, raw materials extraction, and information technology companies. 

2. High wages. Remuneration in this area depends on the industry, qualifications, and position of the specialist. In general, “techies” can count on good wages – this is especially true for industries important for the country and advanced industries.

3. Perspective. Thanks to scientific progress, new areas are constantly emerging in which professionals with a technical background are needed. A specialist ready to learn and master new technologies will always find an application for his knowledge. 

4. Support from the state. The country is taking measures to support the information technology sector, and there is a project to train digital professionals. Colleges and enterprises are implementing a program of assistance in training and subsequent employment in several industries. 

Overview of technical professions for girls

Disadvantages of technical professions

The work of “techies” also has significant disadvantages.

1. High responsibility. The uninterrupted and break-even functioning of the enterprise depends on the competent work of a specialist. In some situations, he is responsible for the lives of other people.

2. Recycling. “Techies” are not peculiar to work on a free schedule; they usually work during the hours established by the contract. But they go to the night shift; they face emergencies when they have to break into the enterprise, regardless of the time of day. 

3. Negative impact on health. At the workplace, personnel is exposed to harmful effects: noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, and contact with chemicals. Workers carry heavy loads in low light, severe temperatures, and weather conditions.

Who is suitable for technical professions

The main thing in choosing a professional activity is sincere interest. Work related to engineering and technology is suitable for those with good grades in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science at school. If a schoolgirl likes these subjects, the technical field will seem exciting.

Personal qualities necessary for a girl to work in the technical field

In addition to an interest in the exact sciences, the following qualities will come in handy for a “techie” girl.

1. Mindfulness. Attention to detail is extremely important in work, where one mistake can lead to serious failures. 

2. Systems thinking – the ability to perceive the whole as a set of elements, understand their relationship, and see the influence of one element on the entire system.

3. Ability to make decisions quickly. In production, emergencies often arise, requiring you to navigate quickly and without panic. 

4. Willingness to be responsible for their actions. The enterprise’s work and people’s life and health depend on the decisions made by the specialist. You have to take responsibility for these decisions. 

Types of technical professions for girls

Girls have access to technical professions in various industries: computing, information technology, construction, architecture, electronics, communications, mechanical engineering, robotics, transport, light, and food industries. Education with which you can work in your specialty is offered at universities and colleges after the 9th or 11th grade. You can get a worker’s qualification in college or become a mid-level specialist. Graduates with a diploma from a higher educational institution have access to engineering specialties.

Popular professions

The field of information technology is very popular among boys and girls. Specialties related to computer science and computer technology are leading in terms of enrollment of applicants, and the state is increasing the number of state-funded places in universities in these areas. The country needs IT specialists, and young people are interested in this area as the most advanced and “advanced.” Girls willingly go into the field of information technology, choosing web programming, database administration, and mobile application development as their specialties. 


Engineering also attracts young people. Many enter technical universities, then get a job as a design engineer, designer, or technologist at an enterprise. This work allows you to create machines, mechanisms, devices, and structures and develop technological processes in production.

Highly paid professions

The salary of a “techie” depends on the area in which he managed to find a job. So, engineers can work in different industries: there are civil engineers, power engineers, and engineers in the field of telecommunications. Their salaries vary, but in general, the work of an engineer is considered highly paid.

The work of technologists, architects, and programmers is well-paid. Much depends on the qualifications of the specialist. Skilled workers are paid less than engineers. Higher education gives access to highly paid positions and leadership positions in companies. 

What technical professions for girls will be in demand in the future 

There are more and more opportunities for women in the technical field. Today, they have access to professions that were banned a few years ago. Previously, there were more than 450 titles in the list of such works; now, their number has significantly decreased. This is due to the automation of many types of human activities: work that previously threatened the health of a woman has become safer. 

Technology is everywhere and needs to be designed, constructed, manufactured, repaired, and maintained. In the foreseeable future, the professions of programmer, engineer, and technologist will remain in demand for girls. Specializations as a 3D printing engineer, bioengineer, roboticist, cybersecurity specialist, and smart environment designer are promising. Will stay in the labor market, and vacancies for workers: installers, electricians, mechanics, and equipment operators. 


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