New Ford logo revealed on F-150 for 2024


Have you noticed the latest Ford logo? Over the past few years, the automotive industry has witnessed a clear trend in logos.

One after another, most automakers abandoned flatter logos. Names include Porsche, KIA, Audi, Volvo and many more. Well, the script-based Ford symbol is gone and a flatter version has taken place.

Although the company has not announced it officially, it is true. The brand has revealed a revised F-150. The pickup sports the latest Ford badge with a flat design. The old Ford logo features an emblem that has now disappeared with a flat layout. We hope this sounds familiar. You know why, because it looks like the old classic Ford logo from the 1960s!

Let’s take a look at the old and new Ford logo side by side in this image:

What is the new color of the Ford logo?

The color scheme of the latest Ford logo has also changed. A white finish replaced the chrome lettering and striping. As for the heritage blue background, it has become darker. This gives the Ford logo a contrasting effect. The recent logo change is not massive but is a minimal departure from the old one. So it is wise to stick to the roots of minimalism and heritage. This minimalist modification gives the logo a retro touch.

What font is the Ford logo?

The Ford logo is in the classic stylized typeface, giving it a unique look. It was designed by Childe Harold Wills, Ford’s first chief engineer, in 1909. The script in which the brand name “Ford” is written is called “Script with Wings”. Its flatter, two-dimensional appearance easily distinguishes it from other modern car logos.

The Ford logo over the years

The history of the Ford logo dates back to 1903. Let’s see how it evolved from a complex badge logo to a simplistic design.


The first Ford company logo was quite complex. This logo had the brand name “Ford Motor Co” with “Detroit Mich” to give an idea of ​​the origin of the car manufacturer.

The history of the Ford logo dates back to 1903

Ornate designs including leaves and swirling elements surrounded the brand name written in a curvy sans-serif font. This logo appeared in black, with a white layout resembling natural handwriting.


In 1907, the Ford Company introduced a simplistic version. The brand name “FORD” appeared in capital letters. The company got rid of flowery elements and handwritten characters. The minimal sans serif font has been chosen for the same. The logo also included various terms, such as “For quality, label and economy” and “Every car is guaranteed for twelve months”.

Color changed from the earlier black and white to a grayscale palette.

In 1907, the Ford Company introduced a simplistic version.  The brand name “FORD” appears in capital letters


In 1909, the logo we see today appeared. This logo features only the word “Ford” written in a script font. He imitated Henry Ford’s handwriting. However, in 1911, the writing underwent a slight change. This made it bolder and more readable.

Ford logo in 1909


Well, in 1912, the Ford company came up with something new. The old insignia was gone and bird-shaped wings took its place. White color is used to add to its details. The birds’ wings were designed in blue and the letters were white for better readability. He also proposed a new slogan called “The Universal Car”.


In 1917, the Ford sign changed from a bird shape to an oval. The logo color changed to gray and black. A much lighter font was used to write the company name “Ford”. The gray oval had a thin black border for a sleek aesthetic.


1927 was also a transformative year contributing to the history of the Ford logo. The color palette ranged from black and grayscale to blue and white. The layout came with two frames. The white line surrounded the main badge with a deep, elegant blue line surrounding it.


From 1957 to 1976, the company experimented but did not make major changes. The font remained the same, but the weight and slant changed slightly.

It changed the border of its logo and added multi-faceted borders.


1976 was the year Ford introduced a logo that many people find familiar today. The year gave birth to the 3-dimensional Ford symbol. The white color of the brand name and the border has become silver.

The blue background also uses gradients for a more tactile appearance. The blue background also uses gradients for a more tactile appearance. A gradient is a mixture of two or more colors for a more sophisticated look.


In 2003, Ford released a more simplified version of its logo. It removed shading and 3D gradients. The outlines of the inscription have become more refined and sophisticated.


Surprisingly, it took Ford so long to join the logo design trends and change its logo like other car companies. But he finally did it and came out with a new Ford sign that was simple and in tune with the trend. So, did you like the latest Ford Motors logo? Don’t forget to visit Designhill to create a logo for your auto manufacturing company. Use our DIY tool or simply post a car logo design contest.


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