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A perfect logo design results from its designer’s skills and understanding of the client’s business, including the target audience. But getting the logo design approved by the client is not easy. This is because clients are generally not experts in visual design. Thus, convincing them of the usefulness of a logo for their brand is sometimes complex, and the presentation to customers becomes crucial.

A designer may have created a logo after studying the client’s business. However, this does not guarantee that the client will approve the logo design. Approval therefore depends largely on the designer’s ability to convince the client.

The designer should send at least one version of the logo to the client or meet in person. During the presentation, the designer explains the concept of the logo and the strategy behind the work.

A designer sends logo concepts remotely or presents them in person via email or other means. What matters most is how you, as a designer, present your concepts. Customers should understand each of your logo versions.

How to present your logo concept to the client?

Whether the client approves your logo version or concept will depend on how prepared you are for the presentation. Here are the basics to follow:

Building a story

The client provides a brief to the designer to explain what the business and the target client is about. Use this brief to build your story around releases while presenting your logo to clients. It should revolve around the logo design and can help stakeholders and customers remember it. Generally speaking, the logo design should convey the brand narrative.

Show the concept in mockups

It is best to emphasize that your design is the result of your thinking. You can easily organize logo concept layouts while presenting them to your client. Using mockups is one of the best solutions to present the concept effectively.

A mockup is a graphic prototype in which you present the concept of the logo in its potential applications. Depending on the client’s industry, the mockup may include a site design, packaging, pen, store signs, notes, ID card, or other elements. In other words, you must display the work in the appropriate frame.

Discuss the concept with the client

The next section is where you explain the concepts. The logo design is the product of our creative efforts. You should choose his course. Please describe hypothetically what this notion implies.

However, you can provide a unique visual identity if you need something quick and efficient. Showcase a variety of works if you can offer alternatives. The primary focus is on providing the strongest justifications for the task.

You can emphasize how the design reflects the brand’s personality. But first you need to explain how the logo attracts customers. Tell the client how the concept outperforms your competitors and convince them that your logo concept is the best solution.

However, most designers cannot decide how many logo versions to send to the client for approval.

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The Perfect Number of Versions You Should Send

Now that you know how to present your logo design concept to the client, determine how many versions you need to take or send. Your client will only approve the logo concept if they are fully convinced of its usefulness for the brand.

But the number of logo variations a designer should offer to the client varies. Many designers think about offering several versions. Others believe in showing only one version of the logo to the client.

A logo version option

Many believe that designers should only present one logo concept or idea to the client. Presenting a unique logo can benefit the designer in many ways, regardless of the job, company or product. But only show one version when you are sure it meets the client’s expectations.

If you are sure that this is the best logo design you can create, you can submit a single logo concept. Some draw attention to the fact that a designer can report in detail the evolution of his work.

The designer presents what he calls the only true logo concept. This can help showcase the caliber of the logo designer’s work.

But first the designer must ask the clients to show which designs they like and don’t like. This gives an idea of ​​what to leave out when creating the logo. Ask the client to provide a clear design brief explaining the objectives. The brief should also mention all the design elements that the client wants to see in the logo design.

Since the designer has the experience and skills, a design brief is often enough to create a perfect logo. So one design option works well in many cases.

With just one design option, the designer can converse with the client to find what to add to make it unique and impressive. Therefore, as a designer, you know the client well. Then the unique design will be enough to impress the customer.

Two version option

Some designers offer two logo design variations that might work for most clients. But designers should only show one logo to the client. Then you can also offer the second option for consideration. So the designer treats the second option as a contingency solution in case the client does not approve of the first.

This option allows the designer to present the design and then discuss it with the client. The chances of client approval are higher if the designer can explain the benefits of the design to the brand identity and business. If nothing goes as planned, the second design may work.

So, the designer should only offer the second option when the client’s feedback on the first does not work. But make sure the second option is totally different. This should help the client see that the design will suit the company’s identity well enough.

Three version option

Many designers believe that providing a client with three different logo ideas or versions is the norm. But creating all three versions is a lot of work for most designers. They have to spend time and energy to come up with different ideas. Designers must therefore first determine their clients’ expectations.

Here are the three logo variations a designer can show to clients:

Although the three design versions are generally favorites among designers, they may not be practical to follow. Often, clients look for elements that please in a design. So instead of talking about their brand identity, clients often talk about the design elements people like.

They end up having a logo based on what people like or don’t like. The customer may also like one element in one design and another in another. Therefore, their brand message and personality should be considered in the design.

Additionally, showing more than three versions or concepts can overwhelm customers. They may have difficulty choosing one. It is also difficult for designers to come up with three different logo options. Most of these options are a concept with some modifications. This may not be useful to customers.

So there is no ideal number of versions that a logo designer should present to clients. It all depends on the strength of the relationship between the client and the designer. It is also about understanding between the two.

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You can also use an online logo maker to create your own logo. Simply provide the brief to the AI-powered software, and it will provide you with the logo.

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Logo designers offer several logo versions to clients to make them understand the concept. But how many versions should designers present? Some designers believe that a single concept is enough, while others prefer to offer several versions. However, presenting a logo concept also counts in gaining client approval.


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