Lessons learned from analyzing 20 successful mobile paywalls | by Cihat Gündüz | September 2023


Learn how FreemiumKit, a user-friendly open source paywall library, simplifies building successful paywalls and streamlines A/B testing. Its highly customizable UI components are based on my in-depth analysis of common paywall designs.

After trying RevenueCat and discovering (publicly) that it did not meet my (admittedly very high) expectations for ease of use, I decided to tackle the problem myself and started working on the open source library Freemium Kit. To me, the “ease of use” of a framework that facilitates in-app purchases means 3 things:

  1. A clear step-by-step guide on how to get started, including App Store Connect.
  2. A simple but flexible permissions system based on the current user’s purchases.
  3. A unified paywall design framework for reusable shared paywall UI code.

The first two I plan to cover in the Libraries README. This article focuses on the third aspect: How does FreemiumKit help you quickly create a successful paywall? And how can it help you with A/B testing?


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