Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

Where to start your journey in America? A good, high-paying job for girls in the USA is what you need for a successful start. More challenging than it might seem at first glance. Many immigrants start with cleaning, caring for children or the elderly, supermarket checkouts, etc. But you should be open to yourself, especially if you have professional skills, experience, minimal English, and a desire to learn new things. 

Getting acquainted with the most attractive female vacancies from direct employers. Candidate requirements, job responsibilities, salary, growth prospects – this information will help you identify suitable offers and evaluate whether to send a resume.

Employees at Digital Agency

Great office job in New York for girls who know how to work with content and social networks. The company is looking for a specialist to promote and administer YouTube channels, an SMM manager, and a sales manager. Requirements for applicants:

  • advertising experience;
  • experience in sales – from 2 years;
  • knowledge of English.
Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

Pay is negotiable and depends on experience and skills. The agency hires employees for Full-time and Part-time. 


Beauty salon “Poshed Beauty Bar” is looking for manicure and pedicure masters. Applicants are offered two cooperation scenarios: for a percentage and rent of a workplace. Both with 24/7 access.

Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

Specialist Responsibilities:

  • hygienic cleaning of nails;
  • preparation of the nail plate for manicure/pedicure;
  • removing varnish;
  • alignment and coating of nails;
  • individual design;
  • cleaning the skin of the feet and heels;
  • disinfection of tools and workplace, etc.

Knowledge of English and experience are required. We hope you remember that a specialist must be licensed to provide beauty services in the United States. 

Kindergarten teacher

A new daycare center in downtown Park Slope, Brooklyn, is looking for Full-time Infant and Toddler Caregivers. Pay: $17.00 per hour.

Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

Requirements for applicants:

  • English at a conversational level;
  • experience with infants;
  • availability of documents;
  • Covid-19 vaccination (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson, and Johnson).

This job is for women who love children and have qualities like patience, stress resistance, and organization. Over time, it will be possible to qualify for the transition to other age groups. 

Experienced Dispatcher

Office work in Chicago for girls with knowledge of English and experience in the industry for two years. Working hours are from 7 am to 4 pm.

Experienced Dispatcher

Dispatcher Responsibilities:

  • registration of documents;
  • construction and tracking of routes of drivers;
  • cargo delivery control;
  • communication with brokers and clients, etc.

A specialist of this profile must be competent in DOT regulatory standards and be able to work with platforms such as Truckstop RateMate, and DAT Hot Markets. 

The employer offers Full-time, a good salary, the amount of which depends on the results of the interview, and comfortable conditions in a spacious office. 

Project Manager Assistant

Job from a rapidly growing construction company with an office in Brooklyn. We need a specialist for the position of Assistant Project Manager with a degree in civil engineering or relevant experience in any country. Fluent English is required. 

The employer offers:

  • full employment (Full-time);
  • training;
  • paid sick leave;
  • paid vacation (after six months of work).

Salary information should have been provided. To discuss details and schedule an interview, you can call or text a company representative.

Swimming instructor

The position is open at the Swim Right Swimming Academy (founder Lenny Kreiselburg). This is a job in Miami for girls who have a specialized education. To apply for this position, you must be good with children and be able to find an approach to students. 

Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

In addition to a place to work and a competitive salary, you will also receive professional development support. All instructors must undergo training and receive a Swim Right Method certificate. The training methodology was developed by the academy’s founder, a 4-time Olympic champion. 

Requirements for applicants:

  • knowledge of English at a conversational level;
  • love for children;
  • patience, responsibility.

Of course, the candidate must be able to swim himself. Teaching experience would be a plus. Employment on Full-time and Part-time is possible. 

Medical Registrar

The company is ready to hire a candidate with a certificate confirming the relevant education and work experience in America, as well as fluent in English and Russian. Jobs in Brooklyn for women on a full-time basis. 

Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

What does a medical registrar do:

  • welcomes visitors;
  • provides advice on various issues;
  • answers incoming calls;
  • processes patient information.

The candidate must have skills in working with computer programs. The specialist constantly works with people; sociability and politeness are important.

Experienced Barber

The vacancy is only for female hairdressers with a license and experience. The beauty salon is located in the center of Manhattan – the Soho area. The specialist’s duties include performing women’s and men’s haircuts. 

Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

NHA (caregiver)

The company is looking for a New Jersey licensed caregiver. The demand for this profession is growing rapidly, and the pay is good. Home Health Aide certification requires you to complete courses and pass an exam. It will take you about a month and $300-650. 

Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

Responsibilities of the NHA (Elderly Care Specialist):

  • hygiene (water procedures, it is possible to change diapers and diapers);
  • dressing and undressing;
  • cooking and feeding;
  • cleaning, laundry, and other household chores;
  • transportation;
  • communication support.

A medical background would be a plus. Women with such personal qualities as honesty, patience, empathy, and responsibility can work as caregivers. 

Splicing Workers

What is splicing? The term refers to a method of connecting two fiber optic cables. The work is carried out using specialized equipment. 

Requirements for applicants:

  • driver’s license (US type);
  • experience in technical specialties;
  • having a car.

The company provides hotel accommodation and, if necessary, a working car. Wages depend on output and range from $1,500 to $3,500 per week. 


A well-paid job in America for girls and women under 35. The spa, which has been operating for over 23 years in New York, invites responsible candidates for the masseuse position to perform such types of massage: general, Thai, exotic, etc.


Suggestions from the employer:

  • the convenient location of the salon – 15 minutes by subway from Manhattan;
  • adaptive schedule if necessary;
  • developed client base;
  • high wages – $ 30 per hour.

Girls who have yet to gain experience can apply for the vacancy. The company organizes all necessary training and training and regularly conducts advanced training courses. And all this is free. Feel free to apply for this position: you will get an interesting job with a good salary and the opportunity to learn a new profession from scratch. 

Sales Manager

The company producing interior doors seeks a friendly, purposeful, active seller. Excellent conditions for those who know how to work for the result. 

Requirements for candidates:

  • fluent English;
  • availability of documents (work permit and SSN);
  • professional level of PC and office software proficiency;
  • experience in sales.

A big plus will be working in site administration systems (CRM). Full-time position with a salary of $60,000 per year. There is a rate of $1,000 per week + $50 per order placed + 1% of net sales. 

This job in Los Angeles is for girls who want to succeed and make great money in the first month. Office position, five days a week (Tuesday-Saturday).

Where to find more vacancies?

There are many jobs in America for both women and men. Even without experience and education, you can find a place for employment. New offers are published daily in the job catalog . You may not be limited to just one site. Use different ways:

  • post your resume on job boards (or job sites);
  • sign up and complete your LinkedIn profile;
  • look for vacancies among groups and communities in social networks.

Be realistic about your job search. There are many offers, but there are also enough applicants. The job market is very competitive right now. To get a really good position, you need to stand out and be able to attract and convince. 

The qualities employers value in applicants are a willingness to learn, result-oriented, computer competence, responsibility, and punctuality. Keep this in mind when writing your resume. Monitor the appearance of new vacancies in the catalog and respond to them promptly. With the right approach, I am sure that luck will smile, and you will find your dream job in the USA.

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