How to register your logo and name online in 2023


You wonder how register a logo? Ensuring your brand security in today’s interconnected world is more essential than ever. As a reliable logo design company, we are here to guide you on how to register your trademark online in 2023. Stay with us as we guide you through the steps of protecting your intellectual property.

Discovering how to register a name and logo, know that there are many aspects to this and you need to follow the process carefully. Your business must register its logo with a legal authority to legally protect the emblem. This protection prevents third parties from copying or using your intellectual property, including your logo, trademark or invention, without your consent.

It is therefore imperative to understand all aspects of how to protect a logo to properly register your brand logo and name as trademarks.

A custom logo is always a core identity of a brand. When purchasing products or services from a company, people first see its logo. The logo verifies that the product is authentic. However, registering your logo as a trademark is also equally important. If someone owns the design, you will lose your brand identity forever.

So, think carefully about the design and branding aspects of your logo. Through creative design platforms that provide online services through design competitions and various DIY tools including logo maker, e-signature generator, business card maker, etc. They are a great source for small businesses who want to have a beautifully designed logo and other visuals at competitive prices. If you think how much to register a name and logoso know that all this fits into your small budget.

Instead, fully understand how to get your logo registered as a trademark. Here are some key points to think about:

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a design, sign, word, phrase, symbol, picture or any related expression identifying goods or services from a particular source. So, by seeing a brand, people can know what company, products or services it represents. A trademark is therefore a type of intellectual property.

After obtaining the trademark, a company benefits from legal protection against fraud and counterfeiting. This means that your logo design will remain unique since no one can legally copy it.

How to Register Your Logo as a Trademark

Consider following these steps for trademark registration:

Step 1: Know if trademark registration is necessary.

Before registering your logo as a trademark, find out if you need to register a trademark with the USPTO. The registration process takes effort, time and money. You can still transact because you automatically own a common-law relationship. This law already offers you basic protection.

So, if you can prove that your company was the first to use the logo, you can legally own it without registering it as a trademark. However, common law ownership will apply to a limited geographical area.

Additionally, common law property is your answer when looking for how to register a logo for free. You also don’t have to do any paperwork or fill out any forms.

However, for a nationwide business operation, you must obtain a trademark registration.

Step 2: Make sure a similar logo does not exist

Go to website and find out if your logo is unique or if someone already has a similar one. The site will not register the logo if it looks like a registered logo on its list.

Therefore, search the USPTO website using the TESS Electronic Trademark Search System to find out if your business logo design is unique. You can also hire an attorney who knows how to thoroughly research similar logos before submitting your trademark application.

Step 3: Apply carefully

The trademark registration authority may reject your application in case of minor errors. You will not get back the fees you paid for registration. So make sure your application is error-free before submitting it. It is advisable to hire a trademark attorney to draft the application with a proper description of the logo to avoid complications and unseen errors.

Step 4: Register the logo in your sector

Now that you have applied with the correct information, the next step is to register the logo as a trademark. But make sure you register it as a trademark only in your specific industry related to your products or services. A false mention of the sector may result in the rejection of the application.

Once you have completed these steps, a lawyer will review your application to see if it meets the legal requirements. Once the attorney approves the logo for release, you must wait a few weeks to see if anyone objects to the trademark. If no one objects, you receive a registration certificate for a fee.

But you should also find out about the registration fees in advance before applying. Search the USPTO website to find out how much does it cost to create a logo. The electronic application will cost you between $225 and $400, while the paper application will cost you $600.

What information should the trademark application include?

An application to register your logo as a trademark must be free from minor errors, otherwise the authorities may reject it. Therefore, the application must include all required details. Here’s what you need to provide:

Personal or professional details

Make sure your trademark application contains all your personal information. This should include your name and address. Include your company name and address if the logo is for a business.

Mention products or services

Say what products or services your logo will represent. Provide the class and industry information of your products during trademark registration.

Image file

Provide a JPG image file of the logo design with the application. If your logo is in color, provide details about the color. The application must also provide a JPG or PDF file showing how the logo will appear on the product or service.

Say if it’s in color or not

The application must also state whether the logo will appear in color or black and white. This is an important consideration. Registering your logo in color will mean that you have legal protection only when the logo appears in those colors. If you intend to change the colors of your logo, re-register it as a trademark.

But note that if you register a black and white logo, you are not required to file a new trademark application, even when you add or change colors.

So here are the main considerations to follow when designing your logo and getting it branded.

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Thinking of how to register a logo, make sure you cover all its essential aspects, such as filing the application correctly and following the process. Likewise, leave a logo design company manage your logo project so that the emblem is unique and works well for promoting your business.


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