How to process Stripe subscriptions in your serverless applications | by Allen Helton | September 2023


Are you starting a SaaS application and need to configure your users with premium features? Here’s how to get started.

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Earlier this year I published a AI-powered fitness app focused on creating custom workouts using the equipment you have. It was pretty good, but inadvertently it was geared towards the way I exercise. Not ideal for general use.

So I completely rewrote it for a hackathon. I took the best ideas I had and I rebuilt it from scratch. I generalized the application, made it multi-tenant and removed features that only concerned me.

It worked.

In the first three weeks, I had 70 users and exceeded my OpenAI spending limit. I had to think of something quickly to avoid devastating service interruptions.

I opted for a subscription model strictly to cover the cost of my OpenAI bill. Free tier members get previously generated workouts for the muscle group and skill level they need. pro Members enjoy the original level of service – new AI-generated workouts that meet their skill level, available equipment and time requirements – for just $7 per month (not too bad if you ask me).

When I started implementing the subscription logic into the app, I realized there was A LOT more to it than I initially thought. So we’re here together to work out the details so you can get started with as little friction as possible.

Payment processing

First, you need to choose a provider for processing your payments. I don’t recommend trying to create all the payment management yourself.

Nothing causes greater conversion loss than a questionable payment gateway.

You could have the best service in the world, but if you have a payment gateway that makes people uncomfortable, you’ll lose them. Not only that, but you have PCI Compliance you would need to take care of a host of other things that are handled for you with a payment provider like Band, SquareOr PayPal.

The undifferentiated heavy lifting of collecting payments and managing monthly subscriptions is done by these providers so you can…


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