How to Optimize Your Products and Services for Social Media Search


In 2023, Google is no longer the only search engine.

In a single scrolling session, you can search Instagram for makeup tips, Facebook for products, or even TikTok for something niche, like bat videos.

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In Recent HubSpot Consumer Trends Survey, we found that nearly a third of consumers use social media apps to search for information. And although traditional search engine aren’t going anywhere, it’s important that your brand takes note of the new ways consumers are searching for information and how to optimize your content to accommodate.

In this article we will cover:

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Why Brands Should Care About Social Media Search

Your content will gain visibility

According to OUR research27% of consumers cite social media as their primary channel for discovering new products.

It is imperative for brands to stand out and get noticed by their target audience on social media. By optimizing social media content for search, you can ensure that your posts, videos, and other forms of content are easily discoverable by users searching for relevant topics, keywords, or hashtags.

Visibility on social media leads to higher engagement, increased brand awareness, and ultimately more opportunities to connect with potential customers.

You can reach new customers

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Social media search optimization is essential for brands who want to reach new customers. With billions of active users on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok (and billions of searches per day), you have the opportunity to expand your customer base by simply appearing on an application’s results page.

By optimizing your content for search, you can increase your visibility and make it easier for potential customers to discover your brand through relevant search queries, hashtags, or keywords. This strategic approach not only allows you to access new markets and demographics, but also gives you the opportunity to connect with users who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

Not sure where your reach already is and where you can improve? Tools with analytic Features like HubSpot allow you to gain valuable insights into the audiences who interact with your brand.

Establish brand awareness

Your brand’s online presence is important. Beyond a successful website, the impression you make on social networks can be your weapon of success. By optimizing your social media presence for search, you can ensure that your content appears in front of your target audience when they actively search for relevant keywords or hashtags. By consistently appearing in search results, you can amplify your brand awareness, engage with users, and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Essentially, social media search optimization is an effective strategy for brands to create and maintain a strong online presence while taking their brand awareness to new heights.

Social Media Search Trends to Watch

Younger generations embrace social research

Social media is deeply ingrained in our daily lives, especially for Gen Z and millennials. According to Research on the bench84% of 18-29 year olds used at least one social media site in 2021. Additionally, our Consumer Trends Survey found that most Gen Z prefers social search over traditional search engines. And this age group prefers social research methods more than any older generation.

Consumers find products through ads and sponsored contentHubSpot advertising software

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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, seen an ad aimed at you, visited the website and made a purchase? A standard 36% of consumers found and purchased products in the same way.

Consumers find products through short videos

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Love it or hate it, Reels and TikToks aren’t going anywhere. The results of our investigation show that 32% of consumers found products via short videos, with this figure rising to 47% among Gen Z.

Social Media Search Optimization Tips

Create content to engage your audience

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Social search optimization involves creating engaging content that resonates with the target audience.

Similar to SEO, you can determine what content to create by conducting keyword research to identify popular and relevant terms or questions that users are searching for on social media. Naturally integrating these keywords into content, captions, and hashtags can improve visibility in search results.

Keyword research, social listeningand understanding the interests and pain points of your social media audience can help you create content that meets their needs, sparks their curiosity, or entertains them.

In addition to using the right copy, leveraging visual elements, like high-quality images or videos, can make content more eye-catching and shareable. Additionally, encouraging user participation through contests, quizzes, or interactive content could boost engagement which social algorithms could prioritize.

Attract the audience’s attention

Social media posts should grab the attention of busy users, whether they’re found in a search or on a user’s news feed. You can do this by sharing interesting and eye-catching content, ideally accompanied by captivating visuals.

Let data inform your strategy

Analyzing metrics like reach, shares, and comments will allow you to see which of your posts are being discovered and driving engagement. From there, you can refine your future optimization strategies by prioritizing engaging content.

Ultimately, by optimizing for social search, you can also create a loyal and active community around your brand.

Optimize your site for mobile

It’s no secret that most consumers constantly scroll through their smartphones for hours (and most of that time is spent on social media). So why not optimize your website to align it with the highly mobile channels you might get discovered on?

When optimizing your site for mobile, make sure your pages are responsive on different screen sizes. You’ll also want to keep page load speeds low, as mobile users have little patience for slow sites. Additionally, your text must be readable and the visuals must be correctly formatted. Leveraging features like “click to call” or “click to email” can also improve user experience.

Plan and track social content

HubSpot Social Media Tools

Use HubSpot’s social media tools to plan content

Creating content is only part of the battle. You also need to schedule it at the right time to get increased engagement that could trigger social media algorithms to boost your work.

Whether you post on one or multiple social platforms, tools like HubSpot’s social media features can help you set up a calendar full of engaging content — and even suggest the best times to post to reach audiences.

Optimize social media search

Social media search is more important than ever.

To keep up, you’ll need to develop engaging, eye-catching, and valuable social media content that not only shows up in social media search results, but also inspires your ideal audience to like, click, comment, or share.

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