How to make your CV more impressive to recruiters


Standing out from other candidates in the hiring process often comes down to a great resume. If you want to make your resume legitimately more impressive in the eyes of recruiters, I’m going to teach you a technique that will help you do just that.

Quantify your work experience!

@jtodonnell How to Make Your Resume More Impressive to Recruiters 👍👍👍👍👍😀 There is a technique that I have taught as a career coach for over 20 years to help people make their resume more impressive to recruiters. and that is quantifying their results and using numbers. Numbers are the easiest thing to read and digest on a resume and when you put your numbers in there, you can help a recruiter better understand the depth of your experience. In this video I walk you through examples of how you should circle every now and then each verb on your resume and use it as a guideline for quantification. If you are unsure of this the numbers are conservative estimates. just make sure you go lower than you think so you can back it up. The reality is that recruiters are looking to understand if you are a good fit for the role and when they have numbers to back it up, it is easier for them to go to the hiring manager to prove that you are the candidate to consider . In short, you can make yourself more impressive with this very simple technique. and thanks to tiktok I have now been able to gather the 25 most common CV and Linkedin questions I get asked as a career coach and all the answers are here, in one place, for you to access . I hope this helps you build your CV and Linkedin profile so you can stand out and get the interviews you deserve! #RESUME #resumptionadvice #retakeadvice #resumehelp #linkedin #jobsearch #careercoachontiktok #careerhelp #Career advice #howtofindajob #LinkedIn profile #linkedintips ♬ original sound – JT O’Donnell

As you think about your resume, you’ll hear recruiters explain how they want you to quantify your experience. This simply means that you should add numbers to your experience to help them quickly understand the depth of your expertise.

Here is an example…

Let’s say you worked in digital marketing and you have a bullet point in your resume that says, “You worked on digital marketing projects that resulted in increased revenue.” This does not provide any valuable information to recruiters. But if you said, “I’ve worked on over 20 digital marketing projects that resulted in a 250% increase in revenue,” the depth is there.

It is also important to note that numbers are the easiest thing to read on a resume. And recruiters are skimmers. They’ll skim your resume quickly, but the numbers can stop them dead in their tracks.

Do you have difficulty quantifying your professional experience? Follow these tips:

  • Circle each noun and verb on your resume.
  • For each noun and verb, ask yourself:
    • How much?
    • How much?
    • How often?
    • What percentage?
  • Focus on increasing profits/revenue, cost savings, time savings, etc.

By following these tips, you’ll quickly find that you can quantify your experience and add numbers to any point on your resume. I challenge you to try this in your job search to get an impressive resume. I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and say, “There’s nothing you can quantify about me or my experience,” and I’ve been able to quantify them every time.

Here’s another example…

A receptionist came up to me and said, “Yes, I work very well on the phone. » So I asked him, “How big is your company?” How big is the telephone line system? How many phone calls do you receive per day?

Here is his response: “I work in a 300-person company where I answer over 200 phone calls a day on a 12-line phone system. »

This is exactly what recruiters want to see when they say you need to quantify your experience.

We all have numbers. Even if you don’t know the exact numbers, you can make a conservative estimate to ensure you’re providing accurate information.

By quantifying your experience, you’ll create a more impressive resume for recruiters and ensure you stand out from other candidates during the hiring process.

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