How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2023

A blockchain developer is engaged in creating products based on blockchain technology. And most of it is known as a platform for cryptocurrencies. But if you take a much broader look, the main cryptographic tools are based on such technology.

A blockchain developer will be especially in demand in information security, which protects bank transfers, sending emails, etc. How to become such a specialist?

Who is a blockchain developer

Generally, a blockchain developer is a specialist who develops software products based on blockchain technology: smart contracts, protocols, distributed platforms, cryptographic payment, and security tools.

Blockchain developers are divided into two groups based on the range of tasks to be solved.

  1. Core Developers. They develop the basic architecture of the Blockchain, the consensus protocol, create the network and administer it, and ensure the security of the network.
  2. Software Developers. Lights write decentralized applications (dApps) based on the programs of core developers.

What a blockchain developer should know and be able to do

Programming languages

A blockchain developer must be proficient in at least three programming languages.

  • Java – used to develop complex applications, the NEM token was created on its basis.
  • Python is a general-purpose language with many basic front-end development and back-end programming libraries.
  • C++ is the most important development environment for blockchain programmers; it was used to create the Bitcoin core.

This set is basic. Depending on the tasks the blockchain developer solves for the job he is applying for, C#, Ruby, and other languages ​​may also be useful.


Blockchain technologies make extensive use of the protocols required to ensure data security. For example, we can recall public key encryption, the basis of cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptographic tools are used in the Blockchain to solve the following problems.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2023
  • Ensuring stable operation of the system.
  • Formation of an electronic digital signature.
  • Using consensus.
  • Block and transaction security.

 Smart contracts

Smart contracts are formed through algorithms included in the blockchain code. They ensure the work of distributed projects and serve as a guarantee of the fulfillment by the parties of the transaction of their obligations. It is impossible to make unauthorized changes to the blockchain code, so counterparties are protected from contract violations by each other.

A blockchain developer must navigate the features of smart contracts, which differ in the execution environment, anonymity level, and initiation method. Such contracts allow transactions with goods and services without the participation of intermediaries. Smart contracts are widely used in the construction industry, drafting wills, limiting account transactions, generating multi-signatures, etc.

Blockchain architecture

The architecture of the Blockchain is the basis of this technology, so the basic developer must thoroughly know the different ways to build it.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2023
  • Private chain of blocks – used with limited users and widely used in business.
  • A consortium is a partially distributed system in which users retain control.
  • A public blockchain is a distributed architecture where users perform payment transactions and can independently mine cryptocurrency.

Data structure

Blockchain is a system consisting of blocks of information about the operations performed. They are consistently combined into a common architecture. Each subsequent element of the chain includes data about the previous element. Each node can include up to 5000 transactions in different cryptocurrencies.

Web development

A blockchain developer must be proficient in web application development technologies. You need to be well-versed in the basics of web design and the tools used to create dApps applications.

Web technologies allow the creation of distributed networks, controlling users, and ensuring confidentiality and data persistence. This eliminates the need for intermediaries.

Where and by whom can a blockchain developer work?

A blockchain developer can be employed in the following professions.

  • Developer – is engaged in the creation of custom applications to ensure the privacy and security of data.
  • Engineers must have knowledge of different programming languages ​​and skills in developing complex systems based on blockchain architecture.
  • Smart contract programmer – must be proficient in Python and JavaScript, which are used when translating the terms of a transaction into program code.

Data and transactions in the blockchain architecture are public. Making contracts without the participation of aprons allows you to reduce costs for business. The profession of a blockchain developer is one of the most demanded in the modern market.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2023

 A blockchain developer can easily apply his knowledge and skills in the following industries.

  • Banks and financial technologies. Blockchain makes it possible to store any information safely. It eliminates the possibility of unauthorized data changes, allows you to conclude contracts without the participation of third parties, and makes payments quickly and inexpensively. This technology is being actively implemented in Sberbank, Ak Bars Bank. Vnesheconombank.
  • Service companies: consulting, insurance services, medicine, logistics, in a word – all industries that require the storage and processing of large amounts of user data.
  • Policy. Distributed networks, which exclude the possibility of making changes to data by third parties, allow elections to be held and prevent the possibility of forgery in counting votes.
  • IT companies.
  • ICO (cryptocurrency industry).
  • Energy – minimization of costs associated with infrastructure maintenance and reporting.

Career and salary of a specialist

Blockchain allows for transparency and accessibility of data. At the same time, their unauthorized modification is impossible, allowing us to solve the problem of security and confidentiality. Transactions are carried out without the participation of third parties, which makes it possible to reduce costs for business. Many of the largest enterprises in the world are increasingly investing in the development of blockchain technologies.

Blockchain developers who have completed professional training are valuable in the labor market as employers are increasingly aware of the benefits of using this technology. New projects and software products appear almost daily, and the volume of investments is steadily growing.

The demand for the services of such programmers makes it possible to earn money several times higher than the average wage. According to the professional conference organizers for developers of high-load systems Highload ++, the largest IT companies offer the following conditions for engineers, analysts, and developers.

  1. A junior developer can earn $190k annually ($15.7k monthly). The maximum salary is $69,000 per month or $826,000 per year. (salary for Senior Staff Software Engineer)
  2. The average salary for a novice programmer reaches $125,000 per year ($10,000 per month).
  3. One of the world’s leading developers of computer technologies, which, based on the Blockchain, is engaged in transforming the industrial sphere, developing modern cloud storage technologies, and artificial intelligence. A novice specialist can claim an income of $ 102 thousand per year. ($8.5 per month). The salary of a lead engineer is much higher – $ 33.5 thousand per month or $ 403 thousand per year.
  4. Chainalysis is a software development company for cryptocurrency exchanges and government needs. An experienced programmer earns at least $17,000 per month or $200,000 per year.
  5. DocuSign is a developer of software solutions for document management based on blockchain technology. Novice specialists receive $11.75 thousand per month, that is, $141 thousand annually. Experienced employees can earn up to $33 thousand monthly or $393 thousand yearly.

How to Become a blockchain developer from Scratch

Over the past few years, the perception of the blockchain industry in the eyes of the general public has changed. From an obscure technology with an unclear purpose, it has turned into a development driver, so many businessmen seek to find an intelligent programmer so that he can develop software based on a blockchain architecture. As the market grows, so will the competition among specialists for profitable vacancies.

If you have decided to learn something new, now is the time to take the Blockchain for Developers course.

As in many other IT industries, you can choose from one of three ways to master a new profession: graduating from a university, taking an online course, or self-study. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each of these methods.


The specialty is new, so only a few universities can offer an effective professional training program. A fairly deep knowledge of mathematics and technical disciplines will be required. In some organizations, when applying for a job, they pay attention to a diploma.

From the list of specialties, choosing business models for the digital economy, business administration, and information technology is necessary. There will also be technological entrepreneurship.


Immediately prepare for a long and stressful process, and not a superficial reading of articles online for a couple of hours a day.

  • Master the necessary programming languages: Java and Python. At the same time, pay attention to learning the basics of blockchain architecture and design patterns.
  • Study the classics of blockchain technology: “Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas Antonopoulos, “Blockchain. New Economy Diagram Melanie Swan, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Fundamentals by Anthony Lewis.
  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of the White Paper of a cryptocurrency that is of interest.
  • After the accumulation of initial knowledge, refer to the technical documentation. This is the only source of up-to-date information since very few high-quality textbooks on the topic have been published.
  • Do simple lessons. Analyze code published on GitHub. Since one of the main principles of blockchain technology is the openness of data, it will be easy to find code examples.
  • Ask questions on professional forums and in communities of programmers. There is an international BitcoinTalk forum where users from different countries share their experiences.

Practical skills can be obtained on projects with free source code.

Learn online courses

This method, in the current realities, can be optimal. It will take less time than getting an education in an educational cocking, and knowledge will be more thorough and consistent than independent development.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of online courses.

  • Energy is well-spent on studying disciplines that are not directly related to the profession.
  • Classes are taught by practitioners who provide useful advice and provide up-to-date information.
  • Rapid transition from theory to practical work.
  • The possibility of combining courses with study and work.
  • A diploma or certificate of course completion is issued.
  • The emphasis is on practice, so you can start working immediately after completing the course.

Now you know ​​how much a blockchain developer earns and what he has to do. The profession is new, so choosing learning methods that will allow you to communicate with professionals and learn from them is important. The most effective option is to take online courses simultaneously as self-study.

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