How Mars used the Employer Brand Index to refresh its Executive Vice President


Developing an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is essential for any organization that wants to attract and retain top talent.

The EVP is a statement that summarizes the unique value that a company offers its employees. It is a promise made to employees about what they can expect in terms of compensation, benefits, development opportunities and overall work experience.

An EVP is essential for any organization that wants to attract and retain top talent. It helps communicate the culture and values ​​of the company and shows potential employees why they should choose to work there.

But how do you know if your EVP is working? And how do you know when it’s time to refresh?

This is where Link Humans Employer brand index (EBI) comes into play. The EBI is a comprehensive analysis of your employer brand that tells you what applicants, employees, and alumni are saying about your company online.

Mars, Inc. is a global company with more than 140,000 employees in 80 countries. They recently used the EBI to guide an EVP refresh for their organization.

Update an EVP globally

Mars is a complex organization with a wide range of activities. Their EVP had to be something that would resonate with employees and candidates around the world.

The first step in the refresh process was to conduct an EBI survey. The survey asked respondents about their perceptions of Mars on various factors, including career development, culture and values, and work-life balance.

The survey results showed that Mars has a strong reputation among its employees and candidates. There were, however, a few areas where the company could improve. For example, respondents believe that Mars could do more to promote its mission and purpose.

Use EBI to complement internal surveys and focus groups

In addition to the EBI report, Mars also conducted internal surveys and focus groups. These surveys and focus groups provided additional insight into company culture and employee satisfaction.

However, the EBI data had some advantages over internal surveys and focus groups. First, the EBI survey was anonymous, which allowed respondents to be more honest. Second, the EBI survey reached a wider audience, including candidates and alumni.

How Mars uses the EBI

Mars now uses EBI to regularly measure the effectiveness of its EVP. The company also uses EBI to inform its decision-making on various topics, such as talent acquisition, employee engagement, and corporate communications.

Establish your EBI reference

The EBI is a valuable tool for any organization wishing to attract and retain top talent. By using the EBI, you can clearly understand how your employer brand is perceived by candidates, employees, and alumni. This information can help you identify areas where you can improve your EVP and make your organization a more attractive place to work.

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