How AlphaSights Boosted Productivity for 1,500+ Employees


All about AlphaSights

AlphaSights is the world leader in knowledge on demand. They connect investment and business leaders with a dynamic network of industry professionals whose informed perspectives help their clients make sound investment and business decisions. With more than 1,500 employees and nine offices across the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, AlphaSights consistently ranks among the fastest-growing companies in the world.

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The AlphaSights Training and Development team

  • Blanca Ibarra-Ruiz, Head of Digital Learning
  • Anna Hentunen, Digital Learning Associate
  • Alexander Celer, Training and Development Manager, EMEA and APAC
  • Jenny Goersch, training and development manager, United States
  • Catarina Coimbra, Associate, Training and Development
  • Julia Vincent, Director of Customer Service Excellence

The Challenge: Design an effective program to onboard, train and develop more than 1,500 team members worldwide

As AlphaSights continues to rapidly grow globally, maximizing and optimizing employee onboarding and development becomes more crucial than ever. Continuing education is essential to ensure that our more than 1,500 team members have everything they need to perform at their best.

As the company grew, AlphaSights knew that its previous exclusively face-to-face training solution was no longer fit for purpose. AlphaSights faced five main training challenges:

  1. Adaptation of resources. The training was primarily created by the L&D team, meaning the material was not expressly tailored to the specific challenges and requirements of each role.
  2. Expertise in scaling. There was no training solution to match internal expertise to business needs.
  3. Tracking progress. Options for measuring progress or course success were limited.
  4. Increase attendance. The previous training format relied solely on classroom training, which involved an extensive schedule and was logistically demanding.
  5. Centralize training materials. Training materials were not centralized, resulting in inconsistent training experiences for employees.

The Solution: 360Learning, a learning platform designed to drive engagement and upskilling at scale

When they realized they weren’t maximizing employees’ learning potential, the L&D team began exploring digital learning solutions. That’s when they discovered 360Learning and the potential for upskilling from the inside out.

The main competitive advantage was the easy-to-use authoring tool, the ability to collaborate with course authors, and the use of analytics to measure training success.

“Before 360Learning, we struggled to scale training,” said Alexander Celer, head of L&D, EMEA and APAC at AlphaSights. “We were having trouble getting people to attend their classroom sessions and the presentation format just wasn’t engaging enough. »

Here, the L&D team highlights 5 key benefits of 360Learning that have transformed the way people at AlphaSights develop their skills.

Transform internal experts into employee and customer growth champions

By allowing their subject matter experts to contribute directly to digital training programs, the team has unleashed the collective expertise of their organization. “Our people are our most valuable asset,” explains Anna Hentunen, Digital Learning Associate. “We really want to tap into their knowledge.”

“You don’t have to be an eLearning hero to create content,” says Jenny Goersch, US L&D manager. “We have experts, for example, on the business side, on the engineering side, and these people can easily share their knowledge by creating courses in 360Learning; we have engaged over 300 subject matter experts as authors.

By decentralizing the content creation process through AlphaSights’ authoring curriculum, it made the course content more credible, relevant and role-specific. As a result, completion rates have climbed up to 95%.

As Blanca Ibarra-Ruiz, Head of Digital Learning, explains: “It’s easy to train our employees with this collaborative approach, and everyone is eager to become an author. »

The Author curriculum has played a fundamental role in creating an exceptional learning experience for employees. Read on to learn how 360Learning’s authoring tool helped AlphaSights engage 27% of its workforce to become course authors.

Any organization that wants to empower busy subject matter experts to contribute to content creation needs to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. That’s why an integrated authoring tool with a clear user interface and the ability to integrate with other tools was one of the key solution requirements for the AlphaSights L&D team.

“The authoring tool has dramatically reduced the time it takes to create a course, from inception to deployment,” says Blanca. “Before, it could take months to deploy training materials, and the information would then be out of date. Using 360Learning’s super simple creation tool, we can create a course in just a few days.

The ability to scale content creation has had a huge impact on the organization.

“Since we adopted 360Learning to date, we have almost doubled in size, and the platform remains fit for purpose,” says Alexander.

Beyond simple course creation, enhanced analytics insights have also played an important role in demonstrating the real impact of learning and development at AlphaSights.

Improved analytics to measure the success of training programs

Reporting functions are very important to the AlphaSights L&D team.

“The platform has helped us enormously in measuring the success of our training,” explains Alexander. “We can track people’s progress, gauge engagement levels and gather feedback on our courses. »

Feedback functions, including Reactions functionality, also helped the team inform business leaders of priority training needs. This allowed the L&D team to link their initiatives to business and sales objectives.

360Learning analytics allowed AlphaSights to report on critical learning metrics. This helps deliver exceptional learning experiences. Read on to see how AlphaSights achieves this with a blended learning approach.

360Learning analytics allowed AlphaSights to report on critical learning metrics.

A blended learning approach for an exceptional onboarding experience

Transitioning from classroom training to a digital and blended learning strategy allowed AlphaSights to better meet the needs of new hires.

Digital onboarding courses are now introduced before live sessions, giving newcomers the opportunity to learn at their own pace, wherever they are. Employees appreciate the flexible quality of digital learning because it gives them the flexibility to learn when it suits them best, while also giving them the opportunity to interact with their peers in workshop-style sessions.

“I can track people’s progress, their results, and how they respond to content,” says Catarina Coimbra, Associate, L&D at AlphaSights.

So what makes AlphaSights employee training so easy to follow? Great product features, of course!

Interactive product features for higher completion rates and up-to-date training

The AlphaSights L&D team uses a number of features of the 360Learning product to increase the effectiveness and engagement of their training programs. These include:

  • Reactions and Relevance Scores – Reaction and relevance scores give course creators the ability to track learner progress and collect feedback in real-time, allowing them to monitor engagement levels.
  • Discussion forum – 360Learning’s discussion forum brings the social aspect of learning to life. Learners can start virtual conversations and ask questions, encourage peers to share information, provide specific comments or feedback on course content, and connect with each other.
  • Feedback – The tagging feature enabled collaboration between experts and the L&D team. “Typically, the L&D team will mark authors in courses where adjustments to content need to be made. This is a great way to ensure that materials are kept up to date,” says Julia Vincent, Director, Customer Service Excellence.

The results: improved learner productivity, course relevance and completion rates

“360Learning has been a game changer. This has helped us develop our expertise, increase our engagement and help our employees acquire the skills needed to increase productivity at all levels. – Julia Vincent, Director, Customer Service Excellence

By leveraging AlphaSights’ subject matter experts and encouraging knowledge sharing across the organization, the L&D team was able to strengthen employee onboarding and training with impactful, demonstrable results:

  • More than 300 subject matter experts have become course authors
  • AlphaSights maintained a 95% course completion rate
  • 97% of feedback during training was positive, indicating that newcomers found the training content useful and relevant.

The future: upskilling led by experts from within

Upskilling from within using expert knowledge has helped AlphaSights develop employee training and onboarding programs that make their staff more productive, which translates into happier customers.

In the coming year, AlphaSights will continue to focus on upskilling. They intend to take our Paths takes it to the next level by enabling experts to design learning journeys for different cohorts of employees, which will create even more personalized and impactful training experiences.

E-book release: 360Learning


360Learning is the learning platform powered by collaborative learning. Upskill internally to accelerate internal mobility and deliver relevant training at scale with our award-winning, easy-to-use authoring tool.

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