eLI reaches out to victims of the earthquake in Morocco


Deadly earthquake in Morocco: how to help the victims

On Friday, September 8, 2023, a few minutes after 11 p.m. local time, Morocco was hit by a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake. With a shallow depth of 18.5 km, the epicenter of the deadly earthquake was in the High Atlas Mountains, about 72 km southwest of the city of Marrakech, where more than a million people live. Many other villages in the surrounding area were affected, some of them reduced to ruins in the first minutes after the disaster. Reports reveal a rising number of deaths, with aftershocks making the situation more difficult for victims and rescuers. Alongside victims, we are sharing with our community some organizations they can donate to to show their support.

Dealing with the consequences

With more than 5,000 injured and nearly 3,000 dead at the time of writing, this is one of the deadliest disasters to hit Morocco in the last century. These numbers are only expected to increase in the coming days, as residents and rescuers do their best to free people from tons of rubble and debris. However, as the epicenter of the earthquake was closer to rural areas characterized by rugged terrain and infrastructure unsuitable for such a violent natural phenomenon, this task proved extremely difficult. Satellite images show dozens of villages decimated, with collapsed buildings and blocked roads like nothing else in sight. Historical sites were also affected, with the 900-year-old walls of Marrakech suffering significant damage.

The effects of this earthquake are expected to weigh on Morocco for a long time. Experts warn that rebuilding destroyed communities could take years. The delays are attributed to the complex geography of the affected areas, coupled with the country’s already weakened economy. This will leave thousands of homeless people without protection and in immediate need of clean water, hygiene, health and housing assistance. Finally, the reports of UNICEF indicate that more than 100,000 children were affected by the earthquake.

eLI reaches out to victims of the earthquake in Morocco

Unite to help

Once again, when a crisis arises, many are ready to offer help. So far, France has launched a donation fund, the Israeli government has mobilized to provide aid, Algeria has reopened its airspace to humanitarian flights and Turkey has sent relief personnel and tents.

It’s important to remember that we can also play a role in helping people who are going through a crisis. Here are some organizations you can donate to that are providing humanitarian aid to those affected by the earthquake in Morocco.

International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and Red Crescent Societies

The International Federation of the Red Cross responded early on to the Moroccan crisis, sending more than $1.1 million of its funds to Moroccan Red Crescent Societies. By directly assisting local humanitarian organizations, the International Federation ensures that the people who know the region best receive the support they need to improve their rescue efforts.

Food Bank

The Food Bank regularly works with more than 200 associations across Morocco, ensuring that it reaches every corner of the country. During this difficult time, donations will help the Food Bank feed the thousands of people who have been left homeless by the earthquake.

Central cuisine of the world

Working with Moroccan volunteers, the World Central Kitchen is providing food and water to affected areas. The organization was on the ground within hours of the disaster with helicopters and 4×4 jeeps to transport supplies to hard-to-reach areas.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Still on the front line, Doctors Without Borders has sent staff to Morocco to assess medical needs and coordinate with local authorities.


Since 2008, CARE has been present in Morocco to help people access basic services, with a focus on women, children and marginalized groups. After the recent events, CARE launched the Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund to raise funds for the cause.

High Atlas Foundation

The High Atlas Foundation has pledged to raise nearly half a million euros to provide food, water, shelter and essential supplies such as blankets to earthquake victims. Their long experience and on-site presence allow them to transport supplies safely and efficiently to the most remote areas.

Alongside the victims of the earthquake in Morocco

Natural disasters are truly humbling experiences that remind us of the power of nature over humanity. Despite the tragedies that befall us, there is still hope if we stay united. That’s why we’re turning to our eLearning community to ask them to help us in any way they can. You can donate to any of the organizations we have listed, as they all work hard to make a difference in victims’ lives. If you can’t afford it, sharing this article so that it reaches more people is more than enough. Finally, you can contact your local charities who are collecting clothing, non-perishable food and supplies for affected communities.


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