Decoding the Gucci logo and its history


Gucci is an iconic fashion brand famous around the world for its high-quality clothing and accessories. The Gucci the logo is a testimony to a classy and timeless design and is considered a symbol of quality and authority in the fashion industry. But it has evolved over the years, meeting the design needs of bygone eras.

Gucci is well known for its luxurious clothing, leather goods and accessories. The company is well known for its recognizable logo and unique design style, which features a variety of vibrant hues, patterns and prints.

What is the Gucci brand known for?

Created in Florence, Italy in 1921, the Gucci brand originated from a high-end Italian fashion house. The company is well known for its premium clothing, leather products and accessories, as well as its recognizable emblem and unique design style.

Gucci is considered one of the largest and most essential companies in the world and has a reputation for being a leader in the fashion industry. The company is headquartered in Milan, Italy, and is owned by the French multinational Kering.

With various perfumes and beauty items accessible, the company has a significant presence in the perfumery and cosmetics sectors of the economy. Alongside its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Gucci is known for its support of several philanthropic causes and cultural efforts.

The company is renowned for using high-end components and craftsmanship in all of its creations, adding to its image of luxury and exclusivity. The company manufactures perfumes, cosmetics and home décor items, in addition to its main lines of clothing and accessories. The company has a strong consumer base and a large following among VIPs and celebrities.

In addition to its main clothing and accessories lines, Gucci also creates a variety of home furnishings, beds and towels. The brand is known in the perfumery and cosmetics sectors with various perfumes and cosmetics.

Gucci has taken steps in recent years to be more socially and environmentally conscious, including committing to using more sustainable materials and procedures in its manufacturing operations. The company has also received accolades for its contribution to several cultural and charitable initiatives.

What does the Gucci logo mean?

The Gucci logo is one of the iconic designs that people can quickly identify with. But does it have any special meaning? It’s actually just the name of the company and a way for consumers to authenticate the company’s luxury products.

The logo consists of two letters G, which represent the name of the company’s founder, Guccio Gucci. These letters today symbolize truthfulness, greatness, authority, sophistication and heritage.

Despite the Gucci symbol not having a precise meaning, it commands respect in fashion. Its fashionable target audience and celebrities view the logo as a symbol of luxury.

Here’s how the Gucci logo design has evolved over the years.

Like all other global brand logos, the Gucci logo has a long evolving history. Today it is a very transformed logo compared to its initial emblem. Here’s how the logo evolved.

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1921: just the name on paper

In 1923, the company created its first logo, just the name of the founder. It was a simple logo with founder Guccio’s “G” in front of the last name. This logo has remained the company’s brand identity.

Just the name on paper

But the logo presented a drawback for the company. Since it was the first design in The history of Guccithe company continued for two years before adopting a new emblem.

1923: an elegant handwritten logo

The company quickly realized that a simple logo without style wouldn’t attract much attention from people. If a logo is not distinctive, it fails to stick in people’s memories. Whereas the logo had a dramatic turn in its design in 1923, just two years after the first.

An elegant hand-written logo

This time the emblem was in a hand lettering style that was very fashionable at that time. The casual style of the letters gave the logo design a classic look that matched Gucci’s image as a leader in fashion apparel and accessories.

1934: the Porter Hotel logo

In 1934, Gucci introduced a new logo depicting an elegant hotel porter with two suitcases in his hand. It was an unusual and bulky logo that was difficult to understand at first glance.

Hotel porter logo

The 1960s: the interlocking Gs logo

During the 1960s, the company recreated the Gucci logo and brought out the famous intertwined G’s we know today. It then became one of the most recognizable symbols of the fashion industry. Double Gs Gucci sign was first designed by Aldo Gucci, one of Gucci’s sons.

Interlocking Gs logo

The Gs design was the initials of the Guccio Gucci founder himself. But the interlocking pattern later became a popular emblem. Thus, the company used this logo on its clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories. The double G logo was such that it became a status symbol. It represented luxury, craftsmanship, quality and timeless elegance.

professional logo

1992: The Wordmark Plus Monogram logo

The interlocking double G logo was a powerful brand identity of Gucci, and the company wanted to keep it. Considering its acceptability to the target audience, the brand reused it in different versions and forms.

Logo Wordmark Plus Monogram

In the early 90s, the company put the double G monogram under its brand name. This made it a combined logo, with people now also reading the brand name.

1998: Wordmark with spaced letters

The company came up with a redesigned Gucci logo in 1998. It was a wordmark with spaced out letters. The letters were reasonably spaced which gave the logo a distinctive look.

Wordmark with spaced letters

The lack of the nested G underneath was missing, giving the emblem a refreshing logo then.

2019 – Today: the overlapping Gs logo

In 2019, the logo appeared in a new version of the interlocking G design. The company came up with a superimposed G design with the letters facing right.

The overlapping Gs logo

Gucci logo design elements

The Gucci logo has a fixed set of design elements that also constitute the identity of the brand. The company uses these elements regularly on some of its products or selectively on others.


The Gucci name has, over the years, been associated with several other notable brand elements. The famous red, white and green stripes that reflect the colors of the Italian flag are also part of its expanded brand palette.

Gucci Colors LogoThe green-red color scheme is mostly seen on Gucci bags, shoes and leather goods. But the logo sometimes also appears in golden yellow.

Character font

Gucci uses the Granjon Roman font for the two interlocking Gs that appear on Gucci’s badge. This is also the font used for the company wordmark.

Gucci Granjon Roman Font

The Gucci wordmark is classic, clean and contemporary. The logo used in the logo is a smooth serif, while the Gucci double Gs are sans serif. The overall look of the logo exudes confidence.


The Gucci logo is a distinctive shape composed of two interlocking capital “Gs”. This gives the shape the appearance of two interlocking circles and can also look like a chain link image. It can sometimes look like a string of jewelry.

However, the shape of the nested letter G is not fixed; instead, it changes based on business needs. Although the usual form appears very often, it sometimes happens that one letter is a little higher than the other. Some versions of the logo have the Gs stretched even more.

The shape also imitates the links of a bracelet, symbolically expressing the company’s leading position in luxury products.

These are therefore the key phases in the evolution of the Gucci logo. This shows that a brand needs to rethink or tweak its logo to recreate the core identity for new generations of consumers. Today, the logo is a classic and timeless design.

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Gucci is a renowned fashion brand, known for its high-quality products, and it is also a trendsetter. Its logo today is a unique symbol of quality, sophistication, truthfulness and greatness. But the logo was once a modest design. It then gradually evolved over the decades before eventually becoming a sophisticated combination of the Gs wordmark and monogram.


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