Chicago Bulls Logo: Unveiling the Fascinating History


Logos are vital and fundamental identities for the brands behind them. They serve as powerful visual cues that convey an abundance of detail about a brand based on individuals’ perceptions and experiences. The iconic Chicago Bulls logo signifies power, strength and dominance. With its legendary bullhead design, this logo represents aggression and intensity.

Certain logos become part of people’s psyche because these emblems carry a history and association with the masses. Among these iconic logos is the Chicago Bulls emblem. It is an exceptional symbol of a sports team and has not changed since its inception.

What are the Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls compete in the National Basketball Association, a North American professional basketball league. The team represents the Eastern Conference in the Central Division. The club dominated from 1991 to 1998, winning six association championships.

The iconic logo depicts an angry red bull. A fierce look, flaring nostrils, fearsome muzzle and furrowed brow indicate that it is always ready for a massive attack.

THE Chicago Bulls logo has the head of an angry bull. It is said that designer Klein had a desire for slaughterhouses, which inspired the logo design. This is also why the bull’s horns have droplets of blood at the tips.

What does the Chicago Bulls logo mean?

The main reason the Chicago Bulls logo features a dominant bull figure is because the club is from Illinois. This American province is known for bullfighting. So the club name might sound like “Bullfighters” or “Matadors”. But he chose “Bulls” because the word is easy to pronounce and connotes aggression, power, strength and strength.

The Chicago Bulls logo is an angry bull’s head with a focused look. He has a furrowed forehead and flared nostrils. It represents the face of an angry bull whose eyes are half-closed. There is a brow arch above the bull’s eyes, which gives a dominant and menacing appearance to the bull.

There is also a very visible inverted arched line above the nose. The team name is at the top of the head.

Who created the Chicago Bulls logo?

The Chicago Bulls logo, designed in 1966, was created by American designer Dean P. Wessel. While the color scheme of the logo was suggested by Dick Klein, a star athlete and founder of a basketball team. Klein recommended that a graphic designer paint the logo black and red.

The logo symbolizes strength and ferocity. These are the typical characteristics of a team that wants to win every game.

Klein was looking for a more impactful and shorter name for the club. Bulls website said Klein’s son didn’t get those names right and said, “Dad, that’s a lot of bullshit.” » It was then that a dynastic name was born.

Others say Klein was also influenced by the name of the Chicago Packers, which featured a bull-shaped logo in the early 1960s. When Klein needed a logo for the Chicago Bulls, he contacted the commercial designer Dean Wessel, who lived north of Chicago.

According to Wessel, “Right after I first submitted it to Klein. . . Dick examined it and sent it back to me, saying, “I want blood on the horns.” Some blood !’ » Wessel told the Tribune in 1993. “Of course, I obliged. »

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Why hasn’t the logo design been changed?

The Chicago Bulls logo has remained unchanged since 1966. A certain mystery still surrounds the history of the logo. But there is no doubt that the logo has proven that its design has remained unchanged until now.

But it is said that it is actually thanks to the club’s legendary basketball player, Jorden, that the logo owes its popularity. The Bulls were just any other team before the mid-80s. But the arrival of Jorden in 1984 on the team changed that. Thus, Michel Jorden became a brand with his extraordinary winning performances for the team. The logo remained unchanged because people associated it with Michel Jordan.

According to the NBA creative director and consultant, “In my opinion, the Bulls logo is not that great…. It’s not modern – even that bull looks nostalgic in its own right – but it means victory. And in the end, that’s really all that holds the fabric of sports together. If you do anything to change or remove this, you better have a very good reason.

Character font

The logo displays the company name in large letters at the top and between the bull’s horns. To make the club name appear dominant and visible from a distance, graphic designer Dean Wessel used a serif font.

The Serif font represents a formal environment and is less user-friendly. So, by using the serif font, the club indicates that the team will treat its rival teams strictly and professionally. Thus, the serif font successfully conveys the intended aggressiveness of the club team during a hard-fought basketball match.

To show the aggressive attitude of the club, the designer created the letters with large and rounded shapes. They are all capitalized to express the club’s dominance. Also, the designer arranged the words in two lines so that the logo looks like a compact design.

But what font does this logo use? A certain unknown font is used in the Chicago Bulls logo. But many experts believe that the logo initially used the Stymie Black font. This font is symmetrical, clear and deliberately notched. Others believe the logo uses a modified Rockwell Extra Bold.


The Chicago Bulls logo is red, black and white. Indeed, these are also the official colors of the basketball team. Additionally, this color palette conveys the message of ruthless aggression that the team intends to demonstrate to win a match on the field.

Red is the color of aggression and passion. The bull is the symbol of cruelty. The designer created the bull in red to make it an even more formidable animal. This indicates that the opposing team must be aware of the level of competition.

The tips of the bull’s horns also feature traces of red to further convey aggression. This indicates that the team has already defeated and dealt with their previous opponents, and you are next in line.

Black brings an element of mystery to the logo. The outline of the bull’s figure and all designs inside the bull’s face are black. Red and black are dark colors that perfectly convey the desired message to the team’s opponents. The black color also helps give the bull a very menacing appearance.

The mystery in reverse

If you return the Chicago Bulls logo upside down, you see the logo as a robot crab reading a book. Some people see a mysterious figure in the logo when they refuse.

Some saw an alignment in the logo when viewed upside down and associated the design with a certain mystery. But the robot or any other figure people see could just be a coincidence.

Overall, the Chicago Bulls are an iconic logo that people have kept in mind for decades. But there is a lot of history and some controversy that made the logo likable.

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Chicago Bulls is an iconic logo that has remained the same since the club’s founding in 1966. The basketball team is known for its bull’s head logo, which is now a symbol of power, strength and ‘aggressiveness. Red, black and white are the strategic colors to send signals of aggression to rival teams.


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