• computer literacy

    Digital literacy

    What is digital literacy? This term has been around recently, and its meaning can be assumed, but still, most people need help understanding what it is. Computer literacy is the possession of skills in the digital space. And what these skills are and how we can apply them in real-life we will learn from this article. Our world has long…

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  • Applications of artificial intelligence: from medicine to agriculture

    Applications of artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence systems are complex programs that can mimic the activity of the human brain. AI can learn and improve its algorithms as it accumulates data and experiences. The areas of application of artificial intelligence are extensive: they are medicine, industry, mechanical engineering, agriculture, education, everyday life, etc. However, in one case or another, working with technology will have specific…

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  • C#

    What is C#: pros and cons of the language

    C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft in the early 2000s. Initially, it was planned to create programs for Windows, but it eventually became universal. This PL is similar to Java, and there is an opinion that Microsoft created C # because they could not get the rights to Java. Thus, it is well suited for beginner programmers or…

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  • How to create a mobile application

    How to create a mobile application

    “Show me your phone, and I’ll tell you who you are.” You can paraphrase the famous phrase to describe how connected we are today with smartphones. Indeed, apps can tell a lot about us. Outgoing people have a phone full of social networks, athletes have workout trackers, and food lovers have a scattering of deliveries from restaurants. And someone develops…

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  • Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

    Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

    There are a huge number of areas in the IT field: from creating games and applications to developing robots that completely replace human labor. Programming languages would only quickly solve problems in these areas. Therefore, it is important to understand that lists of the best programming languages ​​are subjective and usually based on how popular, versatile, and comfortable the language…

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  • Types of Data Structures in Programming

    Types of Data Structures in Programming

    Today in programming, there are various types of data structures, and a self-respecting specialist should know about each. This will improve the quality of work and save a lot of time. One or another type of data structure is chosen depending on what goal is to be achieved. Some formats for organizing and storing data are used in solving simple…

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  • learning programming

    How to start learning programming: setting goals, choosing a language, learning sites

    Learning to program is something incredibly difficult, only accessible to mathematical geniuses. This is the first thought that comes to almost everyone who takes their first steps in IT. Cast aside doubts – it’s not as difficult as it seems. It is worth starting the study of programming with the definition of goals. What do you want to achieve, and…

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  • robot programming robot programming python software for robot programming

    Robot Programming: Methods and Tools

    Programming robots is very different from writing other kinds of programs. In this case, the programmer not only writes the code but also interacts with the machine’s environment and its mechanics and electronics. For robots, several programming languages ​​of different levels are used. It can be C++, Java, Python, and several others. They also use different programming environments and approaches.…

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