• nutritionist

    Why a nutritionist is at the top of inspiring women’s professions.

    Who is a nutritionist? A nutritionist solves the problem of health and beauty with a simple tool – nutrition. Using skills, knowledge of the body, and a personalized approach, the result will be short. For example, insulin resistance is corrected within 1-2 months; a person loses weight and changes eating habits and addictions. As a result: a happy client is…

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  • Professions of the future in various fields of activity

    Professions of the future in various fields of activity

    Professions of the future will inevitably complement or even completely replace existing specialties. And the steady development of technology leads to this. They bring significant changes to our reality, and the labor market is no exception. When choosing a profession, focusing on those that are popular at the moment is becoming riskier. It is much more reasonable to think about…

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  • Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

    Jobs for girls in the USA: 12 best vacancies for every taste and experience

    Where to start your journey in America? A good, high-paying job for girls in the USA is what you need for a successful start. More challenging than it might seem at first glance. Many immigrants start with cleaning, caring for children or the elderly, supermarket checkouts, etc. But you should be open to yourself, especially if you have professional skills,…

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  • Profession artist: what is it, where to work

    Profession artist: what is it, where to work

    The profession of an artist opens up dozens of areas for you: from ordinary creativity to commercial specializations and the development of promising IT professions. There are no rigid limits here; you can always move to the next step. Artists receive classical education in eminent universities of our country, where there is a tough competitive selection for admission. But if…

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  • Profession financier: who is it

    Profession financier: who is it

    In a broad sense, a financier is a specialist who manages cash flows. This profession is prestigious and in demand. Its representatives need deep knowledge of economics, which can be obtained in a college or higher educational institution. Who is a financier The area of ​​responsibility of the financier is the entire volume of financial activities of the organization. At…

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  • How to become an analyst

    How to become an analyst

    Today, the profession of “analyst” is one of the most relevant and promising. Companies began to need people who could professionally analyze data, relying on mathematics, computer science, and statistics knowledge. Specialists are invited to IT companies, financial and other organizations. Those who want to master this profession need to think about choosing a suitable direction at the university. What…

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  • Overview of technical professions for girls

    Overview of technical professions for girls

    Today, many girls choose to work in engineering and technology. This is because “techies” are always in demand, and many specialists earn good money; with the development of technology, there is a need for new personnel. Among women, engineers, designers, and programmers have not surprised anyone for a long time. What are the technical professions for girls? Technical professions are…

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  • Who is a freelancer: what does he do, and how much does he earn?

    Who is a freelancer: what does he do, and how much does he earn?

    Freelancing is not a profession but a way to earn money from your skills. In other words, this is a civilian worker who is not tied to any company or office. As a rule, he offers services on the Internet on specialized exchanges or through ad aggregators. About what you can do freelancing, how much to earn, and how to…

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  • Professions for men

    Professions for men: interesting and highly paid specialties

    The line between professions for men and women in the 21st century is almost erased – representatives of both sexes work in almost any field. However, there remain areas in which men are more successful. Traditionally, this is work in law enforcement agencies, professions associated with hard physical labor, and high-tech specialties that require an engineering mindset, such as programming.…

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  • IT professions IT specialist

    IT professions: list, requirements for specialists, education options

    IT professions are in demand today more than ever. Digital technologies are constantly evolving, in connection with which not only the demand for experts in this field is growing, but also new, previously non-existent specialties regularly appear. The list of IT professions is very large; there are dozens of them now. These are programmers and testers, system analysts and web…

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