• Presale

    Presale in IT companies: what is it and what is it for?

    Presale is a funnel stage that IT companies actively use to increase the win rate. It is a presale preparation to clarify customer requests and finalize the product. The presale department or a specialist thoroughly analyzes consumer requests, identifying the most significant and key points. Based on the results, documents are prepared, and the final proposal is developed. Why you…

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  • reputation management strategy

    Reputation management strategy

    An article for marketers and entrepreneurs who need to manage their reputation – in particular, work out negative reviews on the Internet. Before purchasing, people read reviews about the product and the seller. Numerous studies prove this. If there are a lot of negative reviews about a company or product, users are less likely to make purchases. In some industries,…

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  • cookies

    Information on cookies that you should know

    Educational program for those who are connected with marketing or IT. We tell you what cookies are, how scammers use them, how to clear them, and much more. Almost every site greets you with a warning that it uses cookies. Every user needs to know what these files store and how they are used. What is a cookie – in…

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  • Push notifications: types, services, settings

    Push notifications: types, services, settings

    Push notifications are short messages that carry some message. They are mobile and desktop. Both options are popular. Marketers have long chosen Push notifications to send notifications about promotions and discounts. Creating such messages is easy. The main thing is to determine the goal (what you need it for), develop a text, and connect a specific service. And to make…

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  • business model

    Business model: Modern business models

    Business is an indispensable part of the economic development of organizations and businesses. However, choosing a suitable business model is difficult, especially for individuals just starting a business. So what is the business model? How does it benefit us? Let’s find out with us right here. What is the business model? It is known that the business model is the company’s…

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  • Marketing automation: examples, and operation.

    Marketing automation: examples, and operation.

    Marketing automation is a process of building procedures and rules that allows you to delegate highly repetitive marketing activities to a platform, with the main objective of better managing the relationship with your customers through digital means. Automation tasks are mainly related to email marketing, social media, media planning, and reporting. These automated activities, otherwise done manually, allow you to…

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  • brand

    What is a brand, and how do you build a successful one?

    What is a brand? We have seen how difficult it is to create a brand and how it is not reducible only to its graphic expression, such as the logo or brand guidelines. Creating a successful brand is difficult, and it is an activity that involves the whole company: not only communication but also sales, after-sales, the company, internal processes,…

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  • naming

    Tips for developing a name (naming)

    Naming is one of the key branding processes. Its main goal is to develop a strong, suitable name for a product, brand, company, project, or startup. The name forms the first impression, the image of the brand. Often, it is naming that determines what place your company will occupy in the market and the minds of the target audience. Some…

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  • Site loading speed

    Site loading speed: 18 services for analysis

    Website loading speed is one of the most important parameters of an Internet resource. This indicator affects its ranking in the search results ranking. Sales conversion largely depends on it. It is necessary to regularly check the loading speed of the site pages using special tools and take measures to improve this indicator. Why is it important to measure website…

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  • Website traffic

    Website traffic: how to find out and increase.

    Website traffic is an important metric that indicates the popularity of a resource on the Internet. Shows how many people viewed pages per day, week, or month. By analyzing this indicator, you can understand what measures to attract the target audience are working. Website traffic can be found using services such as Google Ads, Similar Web, PR-CY, etc. Some of…

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