• Apps and services for interior design

    Apps and services for interior design

    Augmented reality, online planners, and inspiration boards: 11 tools that will replace the interior designer – or at least make repairs easier. Renovating and redecorating spaces is a difficult and stressful endeavor that requires you to delve deeply into several areas of design and understand engineering techniques. Therefore, hiring a professional interior designer is reasonable and correct. However, it is…

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  • logo

    Creating a logo: how to design a professional one

    Creating a logo is one of the first and most important communication activities. The logo is the graphic representation of the name of a product or company and is a part of the brand identity; as such, one of its purposes is to help customers differentiate the offers in the market. Consumers decide daily to buy objects that satisfy a…

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  • Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

    Shapes in Adobe Illustrator: why you need them and how to use them.

    Shapes in Adobe Illustrator allow you to build various vector objects. This tool is one of the main ones for designers, so its study is a must. Shapes in Illustrator allow you to create basic images and change their shape, proportions, fill, and many other parameters. All this can be done literally by pressing a few keys. Tasks for Adobe…

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  • How to identify a font: 5 best services

    How to identify a font: 5 best services

    When laying out a site, developing applications, and working on text documents, you must devote a lot of time to fonts. It’s good when the samples built into the program fully satisfy your needs. And if you saw the font in the picture somewhere and you liked it? How to understand what it is? You need to use online services…

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  • graphic designer

    How to become a graphic designer: we understand the basics of the profession.

    The direction of graphic design is now in demand more than ever. Still, it is important to understand what a designer’s work is, to spend only a significant amount of time and money and then be disappointed. In addition to the idea of ​​​​work, you need to keep in mind the necessary skills, which are not only related to the…

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  • Graphic software for designers: the best paid and free solutions

    Graphic software for designers: the best paid and free solutions

    The level of demand and salary depends on what graphic programs a specialist has mastered for designers. Of course, this does not mean that you need to know all the tools in all areas of design, but you can’t go far with Photoshop alone. Different tools are required to work with different types of graphics, so, willy-nilly, the designer must…

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  • Graphic image: why it is different

    Graphic image: why it is different

    Graphic image – a picture, drawing, graph, drawing, diagram, or diagram, created using points, lines, spots, and strokes. If earlier such things were created on paper with pencils and paints, today the main tool is a computer. There are raster and vector graphics. They differ in the principles of imaging and serve different purposes. Read more about the different processing…

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  • Text in Adobe Illustrator: tools, features, instructions

    Adobe Illustrator is a powerful graphics editor. In it, you can work with images and process text using the application’s rich settings. To start working with text in Adobe Illustrator, you need to get acquainted with the tools and capabilities of the program. After that, you can perform simple operations and improve your AI skills. Text Tools in Adobe Illustrator…

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