Boost your AWS Lambda game with Lambda Powertools | by James Matson | September 2023


So you have understood how to run serverless code in AWS. Now what? Give your Lambda function superpowers with AWS Powertools for logging, metrics, and more

Elemental forces hatched the cloud. From there a serverless Lambda was then born. Lambda’s nature was unstoppable! | made by the author

When you first understand how AWS Lambda works, it’s a complete game changer. You mean I can focus on what matters – the business logic of my code – and forget about all these mundane things around servers? Operating systems? A patch? Image management? Auto-scaling groups? Retired FRIENDS?

Well yes! This is the initial power of serverless with AWS Lambda.

It’s such a strong selling point – one that resonates so well with developers – that the team I look after at work builds almost exclusively with serverless these days.

But after you’ve gritted your teeth at the awesomeness of Lambda, you begin to realize that there’s also a rich ecosystem of libraries, tools, and packages that help make your Lambda development experience even more powerful. Perhaps nothing more than Lambda Powertools.

Available for .NET, Java, ManuscriptAnd PythonPowertools is designed to give AWS developers a head start in their development by providing a suite of utilities that provide you with best practice templates for the following areas of Lambda development:

Logging: Gives you a fantastic structured JSON logger that includes Lambda event handling for you (cold starts, etc.)

Metrics: Provides a way to easily collect custom metrics from your application for storage and retrieval via AWS CloudWatch.

Tracing: One of the most powerful add-on services in AWS Lambda is X-ray. Powertools tracing allows you to easily connect to X-ray, providing a way to send feature traces to your X-ray service simply and easily.

Additionally, two new(er) features included in the Powertools pack are Parameters, which provide an easy way to work with parameter values ​​stored in SSM…


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