Astro JS: the new kid on the block | by Ryan James | September 2023


A New Static Site Generator for Performance-Driven Web Developers

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As web developers, we strive to create the fastest and most efficient websites possible. This means finding the right tools and technologies to help us achieve our performance goals.

A new tool that appeared relatively recently is Astro JS. Astro is a new static site generator that has emerged as a popular choice among performance-oriented web developers. According to their website, “Astro builds fast content sites, powerful web applications, dynamic server APIs, and everything in between.” With its innovative approach to front-end architecture, Astro enables creators to generate high-performing websites with minimal overhead.

In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into Astro. We’ll understand the origin of Astro, key use cases, unique features, and whether or not it’s worth your time.

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A History of Innovation
A Swiss Army Knife for Content-Driven Websites
What Makes It Special?

Astro was created in 2021 by Fred K. Schott, concerned about the increasing complexity and bulk of existing front-end frameworks. He believed that simple static sites didn’t need all the features and should load quickly and efficiently. So he created a static site generator to meet these needs.

Performance and simplicity were key to Fred when building Astro. He didn’t want to compete with popular frontend frameworks, but rather collaborate with them. This led to the concept of BYOF (Bring Your Own Framework), which allows developers to reuse components from React, Svelte, Vue and other frameworks while gaining the performance benefits of a static site.

Another key innovation is an architectural concept called islands. We’ll explore this in more detail later.

How will he maintain it in the future? It has been open sourced to the developer community. Their website states: “Astro is and always will be free. » So as long as the community can continue to see the value in Astro, it will continue to evolve and become more and more valuable over time.


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