Artificial intelligence specialist: what he does and where he is in Demand

An artificial intelligence specialist is a relatively young profession that has become more popular. This is especially noticeable in the context of the development of neural networks, which are a prominent representative of AI. This is what this specialist works with.

The path to this area begins with the acquisition of knowledge. You can go the traditional way by graduating from a specialized university. However, there are other ways as well.

The Role of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence (AI) are digital expert systems that mimic human thinking. They work like our neural networks, however, many times faster.

Unlike the human brain, artificial intelligence can quickly analyze large amounts of information. It stores all data in memory, reveals common and differences, causal relationships, etc. This analytical system is capable of solving the most complex problems. AI needs to execute given algorithms. It learns while receiving new information and processes the data considering the mistakes made earlier.

Without AI, it isn’t easy to imagine the life of a modern person. Most people have encountered voice assistants, bots, search engines, voice, face, and text recognition systems. AI simplifies many processes in which a person was previously involved. But it must be admitted that he can be annoying with his artificiality and the fact that he periodically does not understand the context and answers inappropriately.

Artificial intelligence specialist

However, technology is improving, and over time, AI will progress. Even now, the user is not immediately clear that he is communicating with the robot, so logically, he responds to the request.

Some applications generate images in response to a text request from a client. Moreover, these paintings are unique, so they do not violate copyright. They are created using a machine learning algorithm. Images are equal to the works of real artists. It is no coincidence that these applications cause indignation among representatives of such creative professions as graphic designers and illustrators. This is because their creative activity, in some sense, devalues ​​AI.

AI has a vast scope and unlimited possibilities. In addition to these areas, it is widely used in manufacturing, medicine and facilitates the work of the police in the search for especially dangerous criminals.

Everything related to AI is about logic and machine learning in the modern world. He lacks self-awareness. All programs and applications have a specific focus and cannot work in the same multitasking as a person. For example, the Deep Blue supercomputer beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a 6-game match. It was created only for this game. Translators and transcribers in smartphones perform the translation function but do not create their texts.

Man plays a key role in the creation of AI. An artificial intelligence specialist is a highly demanded profession of our time. The need for qualified personnel is growing as AI penetrates all spheres of human life. No one is surprised by the “smart home” system anymore. We make an appointment with a doctor, talk to a bot, and need to remember how to move around the city without a navigator.

The tasks of an artificial intelligence specialist

An artificial intelligence specialist is engaged in the design of intelligent computer systems. With the help of certain algorithms, he trains AI to recognize different data (voice, text, image). These systems help to automate work processes in enterprises, optimize the budget and bring the service to a high level.

To do this, specialists in this field use logical programming methods and predictive technologies, write digital signal-processing algorithms, decision-making systems, and much more.

The Artificial Intelligence Specialist performs the following functions:

  • work with databases (Big Data);
  • creation of automated systems based on AI;
  • creation of information systems architecture;
  • software prototyping;
  • coding;
  • development of binary classification algorithms in machine learning;
  • testing demo models;
  • analytics of robotic processes;
  • machine learning of neural networks;
  • work with a large amount of data, search for patterns and their analysis (Data Science).

Pros and cons of being an artificial intelligence specialist

The work of an artificial intelligence specialist is in Demand worldwide. Most developments are ultra-modern, so this profession can be safely called cutting-edge. There are many non-trivial tasks in the work of a specialist, the solution of which often requires a creative approach. In addition, professionals in this field earn a lot.

Consider the main pros and cons of this profession:

Qualities and skills of an AI specialist

To become an artificial intelligence specialist, you must complete training in a specialized specialty. In addition to education, it is necessary to have important technical and business skills.

Core technical competencies:

  • Knowledge of programming languages ​​(R, Python, Java, and C++) and understanding of data structures and classes.
  • Knowledge of statistics, linear algebra, and calculus.
  • Skill in NLP programming.
Artificial intelligence specialist

Business competencies:

  • Knowledge of the industry to navigate the business scenario, weaknesses, and strengths.
  • Communication skills for effective interaction with colleagues and the ability to convey complex concepts in simple language.
  • Skills in comprehensively analyzing information, searching for the most effective solutions, and the ability to draw reasonable conclusions.

An artificial intelligence specialist must be interested, as he needs to understand how people think and why they act the way they do. A prerequisite for working with AI is mathematical analysis, statistics, and linear algebra knowledge. Of course, the computer solves all sorts of problems, but it can not always duplicate the human mind.

An unobvious but important skill is the ability to interact effectively with other people. For example, when training colleagues on the developed technology. Sometimes there is a need to create technical manuals. Therefore, high communication skills will be useful in this profession.

Demand for the profession of an AI specialist

An artificial intelligence specialist is one of the most sought-after and advanced professions necessary to develop many areas of human life.

Here are the main industries where these specialists are in Demand:

  • Financial institutions, stock brokers, and investment funds – for developing individual offers, predictive analytics, tracking suspicious transactions, etc.
  • Medicine and the healthcare system – disease control, drug testing, online diagnostics of diseases using images, digital psychologists, etc.
  • Retail, online stores, and services related to the analytics of large databases of network users.
  • Transport and logistics companies, warehouses, and taxis – for supply planning, demand forecasting, loading, route optimization, etc.
  • IT, telecommunications, game development, VR development, robotics.
  • Industry and production.

How to Become an artificial intelligence specialist

You can get trained and become an artificial intelligence specialist in the following ways:

  • Get a classical education at a university in an IT specialty. The disadvantages include the duration of the training, high cost, the presence of the curriculum of disciplines that are unlikely to be useful in the future, and the inability to find a job while studying full-time. In addition, curricula have not kept pace with the rapidly evolving field of AI; therefore, not all data is up-to-date.
  • Self-education. This method can hardly be called easy. This area requires deep programming knowledge and a lot of time for learning and practice. You also need to be aware of the main trends in the industry, which is difficult to do with self-study. There is no diploma in education, so finding a job may take work.
  • One of the best options is artificial intelligence courses. Students receive the necessary theoretical knowledge base and consolidate it in practice for several months. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion is issued. This will help with employment.

Specialists with experience develop such courses and include only the information necessary for professional activities. The theory is given only in the mandatory minimum. The emphasis is on the practical orientation of training.

AI specialist

In addition, the format of online platforms is very convenient. This makes it possible to independently choose a comfortable time for taking classes and the intensity of training. Using mobile devices, you can study anywhere.

Now technology is developing at a frantic pace. From year to year, innovations in artificial intelligence appear that previously seemed incredible. For example, 20 years ago, no one could have imagined that television would have smart technologies. Already familiar to everyone, smart speakers appeared only five years ago. Therefore, we can safely say that artificial intelligence penetrates many areas of human life and activity.

So, specialists in this profile will be in Demand in the future. It is they who will develop robots and virtual assistants. Experts in Data Science and Machine Learning are already working on developing a safe autopilot for vehicles, reducing the cost of bionic prostheses, etc.

So, an artificial intelligence specialist is a profession of the future. It will be in Demand for many years to come. Those wishing to build a career in this area must choose the most interesting direction for themselves and develop their skills by following the trends in the industry.

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