Advertising specialist: duties, quality, and training

An advertising specialist is a common profession that many of yesterday’s graduates dream of getting. Universities have faculties specializing in training advertising managers and public relations (PR) workers. However, it will be enough to complete the courses if you already have a higher education.

Specialization is good because it offers many professions: SMM specialist, creator, copywriter, targetologist, and many others. The salary differs for everyone; how to become an advertising specialist, what qualities and knowledge you need, and who to look up to are described in detail below in the article.

What is an Advertising Specialist?

An advertising specialist is responsible for planning, developing, and controlling marketing promotion. Representatives of this profession may also be called advertisers or advertising managers. They design posters, videos, flyers, banners, and other promotional materials. To work in this field, you must have higher education and relevant marketing skills.

An advertising specialist as a profession appeared on the job market in our country not so long ago. Now it is one of the youngest specialties. The demand for advertisers is so high nowadays.

During his professional activities, this specialist solves problems related to promoting the product (goods or services) and attracting consumers. For an advertising specialist, the range of responsibilities is determined by the characteristics of the industry in which he needs to promote the product.

In the course of his work, he is engaged in the formation of advertising campaigns, looking for the most successful placements of marketing materials, taking into account colleagues’ experience, and analyzing performance indicators.

This profession has its drawbacks:

  • high responsibility;
  • Tough competition;
  • continuous, detailed reporting of all steps taken.

Despite having a higher education in marketing, finding a job as an advertiser takes a lot of work due to the high competition. By promoting the product, this specialist must select the best options for achieving the existing tasks and be responsible for their decisions.

The positive aspects of the work of an advertiser are the presence of prospects, a decent salary, and the ability to work remotely (both in a company and as a freelancer).

Where Can an Advertising Specialist Work?

Advertising specialists are in demand in various fields. To sell inexpensive cosmetics, as well as to sell a powerful transformer, you need a good specialist. In small companies, and often at the start of a large business, the owner is engaged in the promotion. He looks for markets, makes useful contacts, etc. After expanding the business, it becomes difficult for one person to combine an advertising specialist’s managerial functions and duties.

Given this circumstance, the heads of medium and large enterprises create advertising departments or introduce the position of a PR specialist in the staffing table. Often the head of the marketing department is a member of top managers whose decisions determine the profit of the enterprise. Still, at the same time, miscalculations can lead to significant losses. An advertising specialist can work both on a freelance basis and in the state.

Advertising specialist: duties, quality, and training

Another employment option for a person who has received such education is related to working in a marketing agency. In this case, the specialist’s responsibility to the business is lower when working with the company’s staff. Given the high level of competition, advertising agencies do their best to solve the client’s problems. They value their reputation and are attentive to customer reviews.

Marketing agencies work with many clients simultaneously, so managers need to have the opportunity to study the peculiarities of each client’s business in depth. There isn’t enough time for that. When working in the state of the company, this disadvantage is absent. In this case, immersion in the enterprise’s business will be a prerequisite for an advertising specialist. However, we note that working with the company’s staff, you can only become a narrow-profile professional.

The Reality of an Advertiser

In this section, we will talk about the features of an advertiser’s life and work schedule. You can have your ratings for each item with a plus or minus sign. Opinions may vary, but the reality is this:

  • Advertiser spends 90% of their time on a PC

In practice, an advertising specialist is a person who is literally “tied” to a computer or laptop. He can stand, sit, and lie down, but simultaneously, he must perform certain work using computer technology. One of an advertiser’s main tasks is to track several indicators.

It is important to know the cost of leads, conversion data, ad performance, the quality of calls and feedback from company managers, etc., course.

  • Studies. It is important to improve your skills constantly.

The field of marketing today is developing at an accelerated pace. Almost every day, there are changes and new trends. Some tools that brought results a few months ago are already becoming ineffective today.

Advertising specialist: duties, quality, and training

The advertising market is one of the fastest growing and changing. What worked six months ago now only helps so effectively. Therefore, for an online advertising specialist, learning is an ongoing process. It is important to use all available opportunities for this: courses, seminars, webinars, online consultations, etc. New knowledge should be obtained from both domestic and foreign sources.

  • Mathematical mindset and love for numbers

This point is related to the first. The advertiser must constantly analyze the results of his work, look at numerous indicators, and understand the language of numbers. Sometimes you even have to wake up in the middle of the night to check if moderation has passed, what budget has been spent, and what results it has brought. Numbers will constantly be present in your life.

  • Error is normal

Without mistakes, it isn’t easy to achieve outstanding results. Any experiment in advertising promotion is associated with the expenditure of financial resources. It may not be very successful either. Be prepared that you will only sometimes get the expected result even after spending the planned budget. Thinking more broadly and constantly testing different options helps to avoid such losses.

  • A market without limits

The PR market is limitless. The clients of an advertising specialist can be enterprises from different regions and even countries. Having ensured the result of promoting a construction company in Omsk, you can repeat it in any other city. To offer your services, you can demonstrate existing cases. It is important to provide the desired result.

You should not deceive the client if you are not confident in your abilities and do not give unrealistic promises. Doing this will only harm you; in the end, there will be no customers and no profit.

  • You choose your customer.

The advertising market is now seeing an incredible amount of low-skilled professionals. It is important to do everything at a good level at least once, and you will have many clients.

Show your breakthrough solution, and the result and calls from acquaintances and potential customers will heat your phone. You will choose with whom you want to cooperate, from the cost of your services, the size of the budget, and the procedure for providing a guarantee. You should not agree to work with the customer if there is a high probability of difficulties.

  • You can work anywhere.

This is not a fairytale condition but an objective reality. Wherever you are: at the cottage, seaside resort, or elsewhere, you can continue to work without being tied to one place. The only condition for an advertising specialist is the presence of a normal Internet. Remember that you will spend almost all your working time on the PC.

  • You can develop individual projects and your business.

When using your skills and a computer, you can achieve high results in advertising and ensure business growth; then, it is possible to open your project. It doesn’t matter if it’s a service or a product. You can start a new business if you know how to bring customers. Choosing the right niche and finding a strong partner is only important.

Your role in such cooperation will be to attract customers. If you are a good advertiser, you can succeed. But when your skills are not up to date, it will be impossible to compete at the start of a business.

  • The results of the work of the advertiser and business have no limits.

There is no limit to the number of attracted clients. As an advertising specialist, you create the conditions for the flow of the target audience. Therefore, it depends on you what income the new project will have. The advertiser can choose with whom and under what conditions to work. He is responsible for the quality of his life, so there are no boundaries to development.

You need good knowledge and skills to become a real professional whose services are in demand in the advertising market. This specialist must be flexible and ready for constant self-education if we talk about personality traits. The level of development of a person determines his success both in interpersonal communication and in work.

Requirements for an advertiser

For a novice advertiser to open up in the marketing field, it is important to have a good store of knowledge, be sociable and have a proactive position. Positive personality traits and erudition significantly increase work efficiency in this segment.

Here is a list of characteristics that someone who wants to become an advertising specialist should have:

  • excerpt;
  • effective communication skills;
  • competent and delivered speech;
  • creative thinking.

An advertising specialist has a lot of contact with his customers and colleagues. In addition, from time to time, he needs to analyze and study best practices, including those of foreign professionals, forming his decisions on this basis.

To work as an advertising specialist, you need to clearly understand the basics of the market economy, management, marketing, and technologies for working with PR campaigns. In addition, you will need skills in designing PR materials and forming effective ideas for promotion. Knowledge of:

  • regulatory documents that regulate legal relations in this area;
  • formation technologies and the latest methods of information collection;
  • business communication rules.

Basic knowledge can be acquired in the course of higher education. Practical skills are formed and improved in the course of their activities. The experience gained will be the factor that will ensure career growth.

Advertising specialist: duties, quality, and training

Responsibilities of an advertiser

As an advertising specialist, the duties primarily depend on where he works: in a marketing agency, media, TV, or commercial company. As a rule, this professional performs the following functions:

  • development of marketing action plans;
  • analysis of the market situation, target client, and product for the development of effective advertising;
  • order or personal development of PR texts, banners, or videos;
  • management of subordinate employees.

Experienced advertising specialists most often solve organizational issues, and the specific performers are mostly novice employees (they study the market, develop advertising materials, etc.).

Six directions for an advertising specialist

When the main work coincides with a hobby, this is incredible luck. Few people can boast that they have a creative job and enjoy it. Becoming an advertising specialist is a good solution to combine a hobby with a profession. If you like creativity, like writing, inventing and generating creative ideas, you might want to familiarize yourself with the list of specialties that are in demand in the advertising field:

  • Copywriter (copywriter-namer)

The task of such a specialist is to write selling content (calls, stories, video scripts, etc.). One of the most important duties of a copywriter is to develop slogans for a brand or marketing campaign, taking into account the client’s wishes. The professionalism of such a specialist lies in the ability to express the main idea beautifully.

And you need to do it in a way that will interest consumers. The copywriter is fully responsible for working with texts (writing, design, proofreading). This is a very important element of advertising. Simple perception by both people and search engines distinguish texts. The high demand for good copywriters will continue to be so.

  • Art Director

He is an advertising specialist who manages projects. He needs both organizational and creative skills. The functional responsibilities of an art director depend on the place of work:

  • In the field of entertainment, the art director is responsible for the selection of the repertoire, the organization of concert activities, and the holding of various events.
  • Advertising agencies need to develop and implement interesting PR ideas.
  • An art director in a publishing house designs books, brochures, magazines, etc.
  • When working in a design studio, you must create an individual style for the company’s product (goods or services). My job responsibilities, such a specialist will develop the concept of a trademark, packaging design, etc. (considering the customer’s requirements).
  • Creative director

The position, the name of which comes from the English word “create” (create, create). This is a creative leader. The main responsibilities of such a specialist are to organize an advertising agency’s work and coordinate all its employees’ activities. To realize his tasks, the creative director must develop new ideas, identify promising areas for the company’s development, and carry out business planning.

  • SMM manager

The job title uses an abbreviation for the term Social Media Marketing. This position should be an advertising specialist on Instagram*, Facebook*, VK, and other social networks. Its tasks are to stimulate the implementation of a brand, product, or company. The SMM manager participates in the strategy formation and calculation of the promotion budget.

He must create and maintain communities in social networks, fill them with useful content, and attract subscribers. This manager is an opinion leader. It encourages users to communicate, organizes promotions, works with objections and reviews, and manages targeted and contextual advertising.

  • Creator

They call the manager responsible for the development of the corporate style of the enterprise. His task is to implement the customer’s wishes through various advertising tools (texts, videos, PR projects). Creator’s work aims to form public opinion about the company and its product. Such a specialist works closely with art managers and copywriters. Today, experienced creators are in high demand in advertising and public relations.

  • media designer

He takes part in the development of games, virtual objects, PR materials, and other works for the media. Advertising design can be compared to a living organism that reacts to market changes and is fueled by forward-looking trends. The media and advertising designer is the central figure in this process. While working on a PR campaign, he determines its form and content.

In marketing, professionalism and a non-standard approach are especially valued. Only in the presence of these components is it possible to ensure the success of PR campaigns and good income. An effective publicist open to creative solutions will always be in demand.

Advertising specialist training

Random people, if they come to this specialty, only for a short time. An advertising specialist or head of marketing must a priori have a higher specialized education. For admission, you should choose a university specializing in “Advertising and Public Relations (PR).”

Where Can I Get a Specialist in Advertising?

A wide range of universities recruits students to study in this specialty. You can get higher education in this area in the capital and different regions. The main subjects that require systematized knowledge for admission are literature, language, and history.

Do not console yourself with the thought that you are automatically guaranteed success after receiving a diploma. At the initial stage of your career as an advertising specialist, you need to work hard and work hard, as well as acquire promising acquaintances.

Over time, it is worth trying to open your agency. Note that advertisers with a wider circle of acquaintances have more chances for high incomes. In addition, it is important to constantly work on improving your knowledge and mastering new PR tools. You can’t stop in this profession.

Where to look for a job as an advertising specialist

You should start by compiling your resume. If you are sure that you are a good advertiser, you should use all available channels to find a job:

  1. Keep in touch with as many people as possible (acquaintances, classmates, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, etc.). Specify the occupation of each of them and offer your services.
  2. Regularly browse online resources that are focused on finding a job. Now there are a lot of such sites.
  3. Send your resume to companies that post vacancies in advertising. At the same time, do not limit yourself to the minimum amount. Make at least five letters to increase your chances significantly.
  4. Get started with your social media groups. Experiment with settings, descriptions, and directions. Such activity will allow you to form your audience and promote yourself as a brand.

The profession of an advertising specialist remains relevant and in demand in the market. The prospects in this area are quite high. In today’s situation, only high-quality advertising can ensure the sustainable success of a product, brand, or company. A professionally tuned PR campaign provides a key competitive edge.

Undoubtedly, this specialty also has its drawbacks, expressed in high responsibility for the result and a high-risk percentage. But at the same time, the advantages of the profession are so impressive that they cover all the disadvantages:

  • High salaries
  • Steady demand in the labor market
  • Opportunities for professional and career growth

We are seeing an active advertising business development, which entails increasing demand for relevant specialists. At the same time, competition between professional PR specialists in getting a job in reputable companies is also growing.

An advertising specialist with a specialized higher education can always realize himself in this field with different specialization options. It is only important to work on improving certain qualities and professional development.

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