75th anniversary of Porsche: unveiling of the new logo in celebration


Last updated August 1, 2023

Iconic luxury car manufacturer Porsche is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The company has unveiled a redesigned logo to mark this milestone and bring a fresh perspective. The new logo sports a futuristic aesthetic that echoes the design language of the brand’s iconic supercars. This contemporary design reflects Porsche’s commitment to innovation, always striving to lead the way in automotive excellence.

Electric cars have radically changed the way people travel today. These eco-friendly vehicles are the norm, and many automakers have embraced this trend. Porsche is among the leading supercar manufacturers aggressively moving into this sector. The German automobile giant recently made headlines by celebrating its 75th anniversary.

But the automaker also made headlines once again for its new changes to the logo design.

Like the fine sports vehicles it adorns, the Porsche logo has long been considered an iconic representation of performance and luxury.

On closer inspection, the updated emblem conceals its revisions and retains its distinctive Porsche character. The recognizable “Porsche” and “Stuttgart” inscriptions are more visible thanks to the refinement of the formerly raw bronze knurling. The logo has a modern appeal and honeycomb design, adding a contemporary touch.

The Porsche emblem is rich in symbolism and carries many different meanings. The central element of the logo is the shape of a shield with a pronounced star accent.

History of the Porsche logo

The company first used the logo on sports car models in 1952. Since then, it has undergone various slight modifications, each having a significant impact. Although smaller, the most recent upgrade has significant implications.

The pioneering ideas of American automobile importer Max Hoffman are the basis of the Porsche badge. Hoffman had the idea for a visually appealing logo that would create a distinctive identity for the company and create a connection with consumers.

He managed to persuade Ferry Porsche, the son of Ferdinand Porsche Jr., to explore the development of such a brand. The mission was then given to lead designer Franz Xaver Reimspiess by Ferry Porsche, tasked with creating a symbol that captures the soul of the brand.

The very first Porsche emblem appeared on the steering wheel of a Porsche 356 in 1952. It was eventually moved to the hubcaps in 1959, and was then added to the hoods of Porsche automobiles starting in 1965.

The crest logo design has changed since its introduction in 1952. Then, the company updated the logo in 1954, 1963, 1973, 1994 and 2008 before the current redesign.

What does the logo mean?

With four larger crests and a smaller central crest, the overall logo is a gold crest. But different visuals were formed from these four pieces. A gold background and three black antlers are in the upper right part of the left side. Four red and black stripes can be seen directly below this part.

The upper right portion of the right side of the crest then once again features red and black stripes, while the section directly below sports three antlers. These woods represent the power and strength of the brand. The red and black stripes indicate a unified desire and design.

The red and black stripes indicate a unified desire and design. The central shield is called the Württemberg shield. This is the coat of arms of Stuttgart, depicted in gold with the word “Stuttgart” written in sans-serif font in capital letters.

A rearing horse representing extraordinary strength and grace sits at the center of the shield. The word “Porsche” then appears at the top of the badge. It’s in a classy sans serif font with a black background and gold outline.

A rearing horse representing extraordinary strength and grace can be seen in the center of the shield. The word “Porsche” then appears at the top of the badge. It’s in a classy sans serif font with a black background and gold outline.

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Design elements of the new Porsche logo

The new Porsche logo (left) and the outgoing logo (right).

It took Porsche almost three years to design this new logo. If we talk about its design, this involves reducing its badge from the bottom and widening it from the top.

The new Porsche logo has completely smoothed out the bronze button on the badge. And this elegant support allows you to highlight the word “Porsche” in relief at the top and “Stuttgart” in the center of the badge, now written in black. The bow behind the red bar is also gone in the new look, but the bronze bow is smoother than the red bar.

This Porsche symbol looks modernized, cleaner and minimal. The word Stuttgart appears again at the foot of the badge. The changes make the logo different. There are some subtle changes in colors. The logo also has a 3D effect.

Porsche wanted to make the new logo “instantly recognizable”, by giving it a “more substantial silhouette”.


The font for the New Porsche logo is unique. A simple but contemporary sans serif font in capital letters characterizes the unique font created especially for Porsche. Since the first Porsche logo, the lettering has seen few significant changes. Currently, texturing makes the font appear to be slightly raised.


The Porsche logo is in red, black and gold. These hues are associated with the region where Porsche was first established (more on the history of the Porsche logo in a later blog post). These shades often have the following connotations. Red is the color of passion, zeal and strength. Black evokes power.

The new logo has a golden color with a darker shade. The lettering has changed and updated with a thinner font. The woods appear thinner and more modern.

There are also red bands in the shape of a honeycomb structure. This symbolizes the lightweight construction of Porsche sports cars. But red also appears in different subtle colors to give a 3D effect to the hexagonal pattern. Also note that the honeycomb canvas is a little lighter than the hexagonal walls.


The image of a prancing horse is at the heart of the emblem and has strong links to automotive performance, heritage and traditions. The horse is a dominant element in the center of the logo. It is shown rearing up and appears impressive with its movement and strength, transmitting movement and energy. Thus, the horse symbolizes the power, high performance and speed of the car.

The addition of the horse references Porsche’s roots, as the company’s origins lie in Stuttgart, a city with a long history dating back to 950 AD. It is the town where stud farms and horse breeding flourished in the Middle Ages. Additionally, the horse stance represents the remarkable strength, grace and agility that characterizes Porsche automobiles and is highly valued.

This time, the logo appears “more dynamic and angrier”. The designers gave the horse a “thoroughbred” appearance. The horsetail also appears with more detail around its legs.

Matthias Kulla, Porsche’s head of design management for its sports car programs, said: “When we presented the badge, there was always the desire to feel it and not just look at it. The effect it produced was very significant, not only as a graphic but also as a 3D piece.


The old Porsche logo featured a dotted texture surrounding the Porsche lettering and antlers, while the new logo featured a honeycomb texture.

So, regarding the texture, the logo has made three changes, a new Stuttgart print, a new shiny horse and a honeycomb pattern. The ridge looks smoother now after removing the dotted lines. These streaks formed a background texture.

Overall, Porsche has made many small changes to its logo design, giving it a new and refreshing look. The automaker wanted to keep the fundamental design and identity of the logo intact. This has been its identity since its creation. So the company didn’t need to recreate the logo. Subtle and respectful changes in the design this time were enough to make it appealing.

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Porsche celebrates its 75th anniversaryth anniversary this year, and to commemorate the occasion, the supercar maker has made some changes to its logo design. The logo now looks refreshing due to small changes in its colors, fonts and texture. It now seems refreshed without completely changing its identity.


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