5 Must-Read eLearning Articles Written by Guest Authors


Which guest author articles should you check out today?

How do you improve long-term performance by focusing on work-life balance? What is the role of visuals in modern eLearning experiences? The articles in this list answer these very important training and development questions and more. In no particular order, here are the best guest-author eLearning articles published in the past month.

Ebook Release: Guest Posting Guide: How to Become a Top Content Contributor in the eLearning Industry

E-book release

Guest Posting Guide: How to Become a Top Content Contributor to the eLearning Industry

Find out what you earn for guest blogging and what are the basics of guest post writing for the eLearning industry.

5 Must-Read eLearning Articles From Our Guest Authors

About People and Business: 7 Tips for Long-Term Performance and Work-Life Balance by Dana Tudor Tanase

Discover 7 essential tips to ensure long-term employee performance, productivity and balance. Dana Tudor Tanase also explains why it’s so critical for organizations to prioritize the well-being of their teams.

eLearning Adventures: Balancing Virtual Education and Parenthood by Ammara Tariq

The rapid growth of eLearning is reshaping education, making parents and children co-navigators in virtual learning. Ammara Tariq guides this journey by balancing online education and parenting, which you can use to improve learning outcomes and strengthen parent-child bonds.

Unveiling the Power of Visuals in eLearning: 4 Types That Increase Engagement by Max Lytvyak

Discover the powerful impact of visuals in eLearning. From flowcharts to bar charts, Max Lytvyak explains how these visual tools improve understanding and engagement, transforming your eLearning content.

4 Pitfalls in Creating Effective Learner Personalities for Training by Danielle Wallace

Explore the role of learner personas in creating effective training programs. Danielle Wallace’s article highlights the pitfalls that organizations must avoid to ensure that learner personas become powerful tools in effective learning solutions.

The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Business Decision Making by Emmanuel Ohaba

Big Data analytics has revolutionized the way businesses make decisions. Emmanuel Ohaba explores how, by harnessing the power of vast datasets and advanced technologies, organizations gain valuable insights, make informed choices, and stay ahead of a competitive marketplace.

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