3 Surprising Phone Interview Tips to Ensure You Follow Up


Telephone interviews are becoming more and more important in job searches. They are your gateway to the face-to-face interview. Employers try to screen candidates through telephone interviews because they need to narrow down their list of candidates to invite onsite.

So, in your job search, you must do All you can give yourself the advantage and ace that phone interview so you can move forward in the job search process.

However, telephone interviews can present unique challenges. It can be confusing not being able to see the interviewer’s face or have them see yours.

So what can you do?

Besides knowing great answers to phone interview questions, keeping cheat sheets in front of you, and asking your own questions, here are three surprising tips that can help you ace your phone interview…

Look at a photo of your interviewer

Looking at a photo of the person interviewing you can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed when answering their questions. It can even help you build better relationships.

You can get their photo from their LinkedIn profile, which you should review as part of your pre-interview research anyway. As an added bonus, having their photo in front of you means you’ll see them smiling at you, which can also help you feel more confident.

Look in the mirror (or stay away from a mirror)

Happy man on laptop smiles during his phone interview

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Some people say that looking in the mirror during a phone interview helps you remember to smile. Since smiling while you talk makes you appear more relaxed and confident, this could be great advice.

However, others say that looking in the mirror makes them incredibly self-conscious and unable to concentrate. I say you should try doing both in another conversation (especially during a mock interview) and see if looking in the mirror works for you or not.

Get up

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When you stand up rather than sit down, your voice is louder and you seem more enthusiastic and energetic. These are two great qualities to pass on to a hiring manager.

One thing to watch out for: You might be tempted to walk around while you’re speaking, but be careful not to move too quickly and run out of breath. This will not communicate positive qualities to you.

Telephone interviews present some challenges, but they also give you some advantages because the interviewer cannot see you. Take advantage of the situation and improve your performance.

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