3 Job Search Tips for New Grads


New grads with limited work experience are some of my favorite people to coach. And here’s why…

You don’t have any bad habits yet. You have no preconceived ideas. You don’t have a long list of requirements that you expect from a job. Rather, you are simply trying to figure out what type of work would work for you.

Does this sound familiar?

This is why I love working with new graduates. And if you’re a new grad looking for your first job out of college, here are the best job search tips I give to all my clients who are in the same boat as you…

The Best Job Search Tips for Recent College Grads

@jtodonnell Reply to @swoopchirp Job Search Tips for New Grads! πŸ‘πŸ€β€οΈ if you are a new graduate, you have a competitive advantage in that you do not have bad habits. however, at the same time, you were not taught how to position yourself with employers. you need to leverage your intrinsic motivation. it’s what will inspire you to get up every day to go do your job. The best thing to do is to identify companies where you feel a deep connection to the work they do and where you then want to leverage your unique skills to fit the jobs available there. companies love to hire people they can turn into high-performing employees. This is one of the benefits of hiring a new graduate. so you want to make the most of it by being able to show how your personality and workplace personas will be a great fit for their organization. the first place to start is to take the two free quizzes linked in my bio, then if you want help decoding the results, I have an awesome new tiktok series here that you can buy where you can follow me listen to explain the results. but more importantly, if you would like career coaching to help you with all of this, I hope you head over to where we help new grads all the time, just like you. we have a great 7 day free trial! #newgraduate #collegegrad #college graduate #newgradjobs #how #jobsearch #howtofindajob #findmeajob #jobsearchtips #jobsearch #look for work #jobsearchhelp #Career advice #careercoach #careercoachontiktok #careerhelp #careerquiz #careerdecoder #workplacepeople #personalityquiz #communicationstyles ♬ original sound – JT O’Donnell

1. Understand your unique combination of professional strengths (communication style and workplace personality)

My first piece of advice is to understand two major components of your professional strengths. The first is your communication style (how you interact with others in the workplace). This plays a huge role in what type of jobs you will be suitable for. For example, if you are contemplative, you are more introverted. You won’t want a job that requires you to be really outgoing around a lot of people. Whereas if you were an energizer, you would feed off the energy of others.

The second thing you need to learn about yourself is your personality in the workplace. This is how you create value at work. Companies pay you to create value, right? You need to save or earn them enough money to justify the cost of hiring you. This is something we are never taught in school. So there are eight workplace personalities, and you should find out what your top three workplace personalities are. Are you a builder, a mentor, a super connector, an educator, a visionary, an optimizer or a researcher?

Take my free quizzes below to discover your unique combination of professional strengths:

2. Use the information from step 1 to create a maintenance priority list

Once you know your communication style and key workplace personalities, you can eliminate a whole bunch of jobs that aren’t a good fit for you and identify the types of roles that suit you. would be be a good choice for you. Then we can teach you how to take that information and use it to contact and introduce yourself to employers. This is a technique called interview priority list where you make a list of companies you feel connected to. This is called intrinsic motivation. That’s the fancy term. And when you’re a recent grad, that’s all you’ve got, my friend.

As a new graduate, you don’t have much experience to share. But companies like young graduates who have an intrinsic motivation to work for them and who understand their personality (their communication style and personality in the workplace) and how they will create value for them. This shows a self-aware young graduate, and is the kind of person he likes to hire and mold, which will help catapult your career.

Now is a great time to look for work if you understand your unique combination of professional strengths and how to create a priority list for interviews.

If you’d like us to coach you on all the things I’ve discussed, sign up for Seven-day free trial of Work It DAILY from our career coaching platform that will literally teach you everything you need to know to land the first job of your dreams.

Good luck and go get them!

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