10 creative real estate logo ideas to boost your real estate sales


Last updated September 4, 2023

With a unique design real estate logo, a new business in this industry can hope to attract the attention of customers. Hundreds of brands are already active in this sector. So a well thought out and unique project real estate logo can help boost property sales. Indeed, an exceptional logo evokes the right emotions. People who see the logo are getting a signal that the real estate company is trustworthy for accessing good real estate deals.

However, only a unique creation real estate logo design can help increase property sales. If the design is not attractive and does not convey its message, people might doubt the company and its activities.

So, before you jump into creating a logo, think about some real estate logo design ideas for inspiration. These ideas will show what your logo should look like. Here are 10 creative real estate logo ideas that help increase property sales.

10 Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas

It would help if you searched first real estate industry inspirational logo ideas. There are plenty of them on the web. Browse as many as possible. Compare them for their strategic use of colors, fonts, icons, and other elements.

You can then select a bunch of property logo designs to motivate yourself. But do not completely imitate them. Instead, use these designs only as inspiration to create your unique logo.

Here are some notable logos:

01. milhousing

The Milhousing logo is for a real estate company. This unique real estate logo design looks unique because the company name is handwritten. The thick letters make the brand name visible from afar.

Milhousing real estate company logo

It also reflects the friendly approach of helping clients access good real estate deals. The line drawing house figure behind the brand name instantly shows what the business of the company is all about.

02. Jill Park Real Estate

Some logos impress with their pleasing design. The Jill Park logo is an example. It has the creation of a house roof in the line art. The roof is a typical and conventional element in most logos in this sector. But this one has a creative and aesthetic use of roofing. Also, this modern real estate newspapero has a brand name in the design of the roof.

Jill Park Real Estate Logo

03. Lolem’s Legacy

The Lolem Legacy logo design is unique because of its remarkable design. It has a large box-like design, two multi-story towers, and a house roof. This instantly conveys the brand message. The company name is also in the box. so impressive real estate logo ideas help to gain the trust of customers in the activities of a company.

Creation of the Lolem Heritage logo

04. Always

This logo has a circular shape that symbolizes perfection. Clients are looking for trusted real estate professionals to complete a real estate transaction. Thus, the circular design evokes confidence in the company’s real estate activities.

If you are someone who sells and buys properties, here are a few. crucial tips for making money as a real estate agent.

Everplace logo design

THE logo for this property The company has two trees, a house and clouds, creating a friendly image of the company’s activities. There is a fingerprint pattern in the background that evokes confidence.

05. four avenues

The Four Avenues logo is a minimalist design that speaks to the public in just a few elements. There is a drawing of a piece of land that a customer wants to buy. The plot design consists of four simple lines, making it easy to get the point across. Additionally, the designers used only one color to keep the color scheme of the real estate logo simple. This logo is a great source of inspiration for someone looking to create a logo for a business involved in buy and sell properties.

Creation of the Four Avenues logo

06. Esplanade

The Esplanade logo is for a real estate and mortgage company. This logo idea consists of three elements. The sun-like shape represents hope and a fresh start for home buyers.

Esplanade real estate logo

Next, three thick, curved lines resemble the waves. This element represents its real estate company. The wordmark depicts the company name in bold but aesthetically designed letters. This also has luxury real estate brand colors blue and its hues that evoke confidence.

07. Uma Concierge Reality

A logo in a handwritten style is always attractive and instantly grabs our attention. The Uma Concierge Reality logo is one of those aesthetically pleasing logos. Designers combine the handwritten style with a formal capital letter.

While the main business name is in a signature style, the rest of the word is in formal capital letters. This reflects the company’s friendly approach as well as the professional way of completing a real estate transaction.

Reality Concierge Uma Logo

Be sure to choose the best fonts for real estate logos that speak to your brand personality. Compare different fonts to determine which best represents your new real estate business.

08. Brilliant Mortgage

The BM Bright logo illustrates how a company can stand out with a visual in its target market. This real estate company has a totally different logo than many of its competitors.

While the company name is in lowercase letters, the initials “bm” are surrounded by a white block. Since this block shines due to its whiteness against the black background, it also represents the “gloss” of the company name.

Bright Mortgage Real Estate Logo

Thus, the box, which sometimes appears in black with white letters, is a remarkable element of the logo. The company’s activity appears under the ‘MORTGAGE’ wordmark in contrasting red, which evokes passion. But choose the best colors for real estate logos after comparing and exploring a selected group of colors.

professional logo

09. BOTA

Bota is a property management company. It is logo design is a bold wordmark. The serif font is known for its formal and simple business environment. This policy indicates that the company treats its customers professionally when finalizing real estate transactions.

BOTA real estate logo

A group of skyscrapers is depicted in the letter B of the wordmark. This gives the logo a visual identity and people can instantly align it with the corporate brand identity.

ten. Avenue 33

The Avenue 33 logo is another impressive design that instantly conveys its brand message. The logo contains a map of land representing real estate activity. With this element, the design instantly conveys its message. It also becomes an outstanding brand identity.

So, you can explore these inspiring and creative real estate logo ideas to your advantage. Compare these ideas and others to know how your logo should stand out.

The Avenue 33 logo

To avoid hiring an expensive logo designer, you can rely on Designhill as your source for getting the logo. This creative marketplace can help you kick off your logo design contest for designers around the world. They will submit their unique real estate logo ideas. You can then choose a winning idea to create your brand identity.

Alternatively, you can design your real estate logo using Designhill logo maker. Just provide your design brief to the software, which will produce dozens of logo designs. Choose a suitable logo among many others for your real estate business.

In addition to having a relevant logo, real estate agencies and agents must also have a strong online presence. It’s because 92% of interested buyers research properties onlineaccording to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors.

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Real estate businesses can attract more customers and increase sales through real estate logos. Customers tend to believe in a real estate brand if it real estate logo design stands. They see such an emblem as a sign of trust and tend to buy property. These real estate logo design ideas are a source of inspiration in the use of colors, fonts and icons.


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