10 creative education logos to inspire you in 2024


You may have come across various education logos, whether online or offline. And some of these logos might have left a positive impression on you, prompting you to associate them with reputable educational institutions. This is the power of a carefully designed product education logo. So, if you are planning to start a school for children or adult students, one of your first steps should be to create a logo that stands out and exudes confidence and authority.

Revisit your school logo design and see if it has the potential to grab the attention of your target audience. You need to evaluate its design elements to know whether or not they convey your brand message. Such as company logo should also reflect the personality of your educational brand.

It is therefore advisable to follow a logo training course to learn the basics of design. Find out which colors, fonts and symbols will work best to grab attention and send the message.

Most importantly, browse through a few educational institution logos to see which element they use often. Then you can know how to design something unique to stand out.

01. Homeschool Sprout

The Homeschool Sprout logo takes its idea from the brand name itself. It features an illustration of sprouted seeds and a book underneath. It symbolizes the education of children in a school. The green and brown colors are there to evoke growth. The school name is written in a friendly sans serif font.

Sprout logo design for homeschooling

02. little voices

The Lil Voices logo represents a school that teaches children to speak in public. This logo design has a cartoonish figure of a happy child with arms wide open in delight while talking. The designer used multiple colors to express the feelings of a happy child who can talk.

The Lil Voices logo

To access one of these outstanding logos for your school, you need to search for a reliable design service who effectively manages a design job. They know what colors, fonts, symbols, etc. will help convey your brand message.

03. Act Ed

The Act Ed logo is for an institution that provides acting education. Its logo therefore includes two masks that symbolize the institution’s profession as an actor. Next, the tree also symbolizes wisdom, with its leaves representing the diversity of thoughts. Moreover, the green color of this company logo transmits the healthy growth of those who seek education.

The Act Ed logo

However, if you intend to design such a logo for your educational brand, avoid creating something haphazardly. Instead, it would be nice to have some first an overview of how to design a logo. It should be perfect to represent your school or any other institution.

04. Code is fun

The Code Is Fun logo is a unique shield-shaped design. Classically, the shield is the symbol of trust and authority. Many educational institutions and other businesses have shields like their school logos. There is a face and a few connection points inside the shield, which evoke trust.

Logo Code is fun

05. Tutoring

This custom logo design is for Tutoring Works LLC. The rising sun is a symbol of hope and progress. The tree symbolizes growth, while the drawing of a school with numbers and alphabets represents school. The orange and green colors give the logo a nice look.

tutoring logo

You may also be considering a school or any other educational institution. In this case, make sure get a remarkable and educational logo of professional designers.

06. Bigger gains

The Greater Gains logo depicts a compass that draws geometric shapes such as trace circles and arcs. A larger compass illustration in the middle in red immediately catches our eye. HAS create a logo So, you first need to know which illustration or symbol can instantly convey your brand message.

The Greater Gains Logo

07. new sheet

The New Leaf is a popular and universal symbol of new hope, growth and prosperity. The New Leaf logo is a unique design due to its box shape. It’s a clean design, with no extra elements that usually clutter up a small logo space. This logo is a great example of a simple, minimalist design that is today logo makers I look forward to creating.

New Leaf logo design

08. state of the pine

This ideal design uses fewer elements to convey its brand message. The designer explored line art to create this logo. A simple single line stroke creates the shape of the pine tree and the sun. Then two curved lines indicate a book. Indeed, it is a great example of what a minimalist design should look like. The logo evokes the name of the institution and its field of activity.

09. hakibah

An illustration of a schoolbag shows us that the content linked to the image is about education. This is why the Hakibah logo is such a remarkable design. It’s just a big binder in one blue color. The wide white band in the middle around the bag gives it a unique and impressive look.

Hakibah logo

The company name is written in large bold letters, representing the friendly educational environment of the school.

ten. Literacy wise

The Literacy Wise logo is a beautiful design in orange and black. THE school logo design includes a book with its pages and the brand name underneath. Small square-shaped dotted lines make up the pages, which is also a unique and attractive feature.

The Literacy Wise Logo

These awesome creative education logo designs inspire you to develop a fantastic logo idea for your education brand.

Tips for creating educational logos

Know your audience – Before designing the logo, know its target audience. They can be children or adult schoolchildren. You will then select the colors etc. the elements accordingly.

Prepare your design brief – Make sure you have written your brief for the designer. The brief should mention your institution’s name, purpose, message, personality, and any symbols you want to see in the logo. Prepare the brief even if you intend to create a logo using a free logo maker.

Consider trends – Don’t ignore the education logo design trends while creating an emblem for your organization. It will help you get a trendy visual that people like the most today. Sometimes an outdated design doesn’t say much about an institution and can even create a negative perception. So remember to take a look at current trends.

keep it simple – Make sure your logo is a simple design with a limited number of elements. Include only a few colors, fonts, and symbols. This will clutter the space and make the design confusing for the target audience..

So consider these sample logos as your source of inspiration when considering creating an emblem for your education brand. Be sure to develop a unique logo that builds trust for your institution.

Designhill is the leading creative marketplace where you can quickly find your logo type in a few quick steps. You can start your educational logo design contest, which designers from all over the world will try to win. They will offer you dozens of unique design ideas. You can choose a winning logo idea to make it your brand identity.

Alternatively, Designhill lets you design a logo yourself. Just visit her online logo maker tool which comes with a library of colors, fonts, images and symbols. Simply give your choice of items and provide your brief. The tool will generate several remarkable logos. Choose the one you find best to represent your brand.

Your educational logo is only one of the visuals that convey the identity of your institute. Your children’s school should use a variety of visual techniques when teaching your students. You should therefore delve into the study published in Faculty Resource Network on “the importance of visuals when discussing a topic in class.”


When designing education logos, get inspired first by visiting many emblems of this field of activity. Discover the colors, fonts, symbols and images that designers prefer today. You will get an idea of ​​how a education logo should look like. This helps to come up with a design that stands out.


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